NSP Treasurer Christopher Neo, 49, Passes Away

14 August 2012


The National Solidarity Party is deeply saddened by the passing of Mr Christopher Neo. 

Chris was the Party Treasurer in the current CEC and also Party Vice President in the last CEC.

He was, without doubt, one of the most energetic party members; someone who never hesitated to roll up his sleeves and help the cause in whatever way he was able to. 

He was a kind man and good man.

Our thoughts and prayers at this time are with his wife and four children.

We also ask members of the media to respect the Neo family's privacy in their time of mourning.


Hazel Poa

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根据卫生部文告,截至本月11日中午12时,本地新增884例冠状病毒19确诊。本地累计总病例达2万4706例。 新增确诊病例大多为住宿舍的工作准证持有者,另有三名新加坡公民和永久居民确诊。 当局仍在收集新增病例详情,并将在晚些时候公布细节。