Don't Be Swayed So Easily Singapore!

~By John Chan Chi Yung~

The PM and the rest of the PAP would like all to keep in mind that they have changed many policies and taken many actions to address 'our concerns' (but which are more correctly problems that they themselves caused).

If you feel that various members of the PAP, especially the PM are sincere about changing the PAP then remember that they always came across as sincere, year after year, even while causing us so much real suffering.

But if they were really so, we wouldn't have the problems we face today. If the PAP has truly changed, it would acknowledge all the unethical policies still in force and remove them.

For one thing, the PM will resign as the head of the People's Association and he will admit that the PA has been used as a political tool for entrenching the PAP at the grassroots level even after a constituency has voted for their opponent.

That it was biased against the opposition by banning opposition MPs from being grassroots leaders of their own constituency, banning opposition events but allowing PAP ones, disallowing opposition MPs from attending events by their own grassroots leaders etc.

Then what about their policies of cutting bus routes from opposition wards? What about making opposition ward residents 2nd class citizens by interminably delaying needed upgrading work in their estates? To make it worse, the PAP justifies their actions with half-assed rationales that they get away with because they control parliament with manipulation, suppression and intimidation.Such policies are the height of unfairness and bullying and are the mainstay of PAP policies.

Fundamentally, the PAP is rotten to the core and for all the displayed sincerity and displayed desire to help Singaporeans, it and its MPs cannot be trusted because they condone their own unethical behaviour, stay silent on it, justify it, and persecute those who stand up against it.

Oh how they change their tune according to the winds of change even while insisting they never sang otherwise. Oh how they pledge to change even while denying any mistakes. Oh how they speak of remorse even while trying to silence their critics.

But heed them not, for that's all they are, words. It must be remembered that any action taken now was forced upon them, however much they deny it.

We all must remember that much remains unfair, many remain suffering and many wronged remain unavenged.

We must all remember that there can be no moving on when the culprits have not been caught, when they have not been made to compensate and when they have not been punished.

For they have not changed from their own conscience, they have not truly repented and for many, they have not even been chosen. They were forced upon us by the cost of forgoing seemingly desirable ministers (who often have to be replaced by others and who have resigned.) and last minute gerrymandering.

Many wrongs remain unredressed, so Singapore do not be so easily swayed by honeyed words spoken year in and year out, do not be forget who and what brought about this state of affairs and do not vote for the PAP.

Remember, there is no Republic of Hougang or Aljunied or Potong Pasir. There is only the Republic of Singapore and we will all live and die together, as real families should.

This article is published by The Online Citizen, 20 Maxwell Road, #09-17 Maxwell House, Singapore 069113.

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