Some fundamental beliefs of the PAP have not changed

the following is a preliminary response to Budget 2012 by Singapore People's Party:

The Government has belatedly and accurately recognised how serious the problem with our over-reliance on cheap, foreign labour is for our economy. The flood of cheap foreign labour had provided Singapore an unsustainable economic model. The effect of foreign labour is akin to the use of performance-enhancement drugs in sports. Growth of the economy is our end goal. Sustainable economic growth that brings about prosperity of existing Singaporeans should be the key measure of our economic performance.

Nevertheless the statement also shows that some fundamental beliefs of the PAP have not changed. We have to continue pressing them to think out of the box for more creative solutions, to enhance productivity in our industries during this tough economic year. It is important to highlight that the economy must be conducive for SMEs to growth alongside MNCs that the MTI are bringing in. Recently complaints about labour, cost of business and factory/warehouse rent plagues the business environment. The government should be publicly accountable for each of these issues that dampen the entrepreneurial abilities of local businesses.

On a brighter note, the government should be credited for the various enhanced schemes designed to cater for the elderly,poor and needy. I look forward to receiving the details of these schemes.

The SPP policy working group and I will scrutinise the Budget statement more closely over the next few days. I will speak up for all Singaporeans during the upcoming debate on Budget 2012 in Parliament.

Mrs Lina Chiam, NCMP

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