Atiqah’s death sentence set aside!

~by: Kirsten Han~

Today (20 January 2012) we’ve received wonderful news: the Malaysian Court of Appeal has set aside Atiqah’s death sentence, replacing it with 12 years imprisonment. Following reductions and the time that Atiqah has already served, she will have about 5 more years to go before she can be released.

Such news doesn’t come very often. We’re still waiting to hear about Cheong Chun Yin and Yong Vui Kong’s clemency appeals. But Atiqah’s case gives us all cause for celebration, and hope for the future.

Our thoughts go out to her family and friends who have been so brave and so strong in mobilising to campaign for her life. We would also like to say a big thank you to the lawyers (in Singapore and in Malaysia) who have worked hard to fight her case, and anti-death penalty activists who have spoken out for her.

A little girl will not become an orphan. Atiqah will be able to come home.