A different perspective of Singapore

~by: Ghui~

It is always interesting to read about what other countries have to say about Singapore. However, of late, it is always the usual issues that are talked about.

Liberal papers will write about Singapore’s strict press controls, its lack of freedom of speech and it being a “nanny state”. Economic or business publications will focus on Singapore’s economic miracle or lack thereof, its efficiency and its international business friendly outlook. Tourism write ups will feature Singapore as a melting pot of different cultures, the delectable cuisine, its safety and cleanliness.

What does Singapore mean to Singaporeans?

I have to confess that having been born and bred in Singapore, I tend to view Singapore in a similar light to what is described above. It is therefore most refreshing to read about Singapore in a whole new light – Singapore as both a concrete jungle and a hotbed for nature to thrive (see HERE).

This article by Wayne Arnold for the New York Times certainly gives me a fresh perspective of Singapore. To read about these wonderful creatures living amongst us in what most of us would describe as an urban jungle is certainly a breath of fresh air.

Singapore’s many seemingly contradicting sides – a heady mix of varied cultures with a homogenous government, a vibrant economy with staid control of the same, a garden city, an urban culture created from a jungle, sky scrappers but yet with an underbelly teeming with wildlife that creeps in and catches us unaware – all remind me of Singapore’s beauty in all its multi facetted splendour.

A city at odds with itself at times? Perhaps.

A country of contradictions? Maybe.

Boring?  Never!

Picture credit: The annotated budak

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