Did Today de-satirize letter?

The letter that was published in Today Voices:

The original letter sent to Today and also published in the blog Sweet Insanity:

Re: In Praise of PA

I am writing to commend the PA for its assiduous duty of ensuring that the grassroots organizations will continue to work closely with the Government.

I was bemused, and frankly, a little disturbed when I saw the deluge of angry retorts following PA’s explanation on why Opposition MPs cannot be grassroots advisors. I would like to applaud the PA for sticking with their policy despite the public pressure. PA has to carry out the important task of connecting people with the Government, a process which cannot be compromised by having Opposition MPs as advisors.

Writers write. Teachers teach. Opposition MPs oppose. The logic is simple and irrefutable. Opposition MPs are meant to be an alternative voice, but that voice should only be restricted to Parliament. Otherwise, they have no other duty, and indeed, cannot be trusted with any other duty.

Perhaps certain members of the public are offended that their MPs, simply because they are from the Opposition, are not allowed to be advisors and represent their interests in the PA. The simple truth is that these people have no one to blame but themselves. They did not vote wisely, and this is what they deserve.

Ladies and gentlemen, please repent.

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