Chen Show Mao/PA dispute: Presidential candidates weigh in

Update: Mr Tan Jee Say has responded this evening at Toa Poyoh Stadium before his rally. He said that the PA should not be partisan and that it should be fair to everyone, be they PAP or opposition MPs. he also added the 7th Lunar Month festival is a happy occasion and that politics should not interfere with it. He then called on the different parties to come together to work out an amicable solution.

Three out of four presidential candidates have given their thoughts on the recent dispute between Workers’ Party Member of Parliament Chen Show Mao and the People’s Association.

On Saturday, Chen claimed the Citizens’ Consultative Committee in his Paya Lebar ward did not allow residents to invite him if they wanted to hold their event at the CCC’s premises. While the CCC said residents are free to invite politicians, the People’s Association said activities held on its premises have to be non-political.

Speaking to The Online Citizen’s reporter during his walkabout today, Dr Tony Tan there should be fairness and HDB should investigate and provide adequate explanation.

Another candidate Mr Tan Kin Lian wrote on his blog that he was “disappointed” and called for the civil service to be non-partisan.

“If this report is true, I wish to ask if there has been a recent change of policy in disallowing all elected Members of Parliament to be invited as guest-of-honours in similar functions that require the use of public spaces, and if this new policy is being applied to all Members of Parliament, regardless of the political party that they are affiliated to?”

According to Yahoo! News Singapore, Dr Tan Cheng Bock was ‘very sad’ when he heard about the incident.

“We shouldn’t place restrictions that way,” said Dr Tan. If he is elected as President, he may be able to break the ice, he added.

Meanwhile, the fourth candidate Mr Tan Jee Say declined to comment on the matter as it is ‘partisan’.