Swing voters or swing MP?

‎”It seems there are more open minds out there and the real question is what we have to do to engage a more conscious but also ‘not-easy-to-categorise’ electorate.” – MP for Sembawang GRC Vikram Nair, on the increase in swing voters according to a post-election survey by think-tank Institute of Policy Studies. (‘2011 General Election sees more swing voters: survey‘ CNA, 8 July 2011)

“Don’t focus too much on the 40 per cent that didn’t vote for you. We have to remember and keep in mind the interests of the 60 per cent that did.” – Vikram Nair in a speech at a conference hosted by IPS. (Ruling People’s Action Party losing some credibility among Singaporeans, survey finds’ AP, 7 July 2011)