The facts according to Mohamed Isaac’s foster parents

The following are the facts according to Mohamed Isaac’s foster parents:

1. Firstly, all the info we have given are true and MCYS knows it to be true.

2. Foster parents understand their duties and appreciate MCYS’ responsibilities as the official ‘Protector’ of the child.

3. Indeed fostering is not adoption. That is the basis of this matter.

4. The alleged agreement mentioned in MCYS’ statement was signed by the foster mother under duress. She was told by the MCYS officer that Mohamed Isaac will be taken away from her if she did not sign the alleged agreement.

5. The foster parents in this case have been with the MCYS scheme for about 7 years and know full well the procedure and emotion involved when taking and giving up foster children in their care.

6. Under Malaysian law, a child born to a Malaysian mother outside Malaysia is NOT a Malaysian by birth. The mother or some other interested party has to apply for his Malaysian citizenship. Therefore, Singapore citizenship could have been applied for Mohamed Isaac.

7. The MCYS officers in charge of this case were unhelpful and could be described as rude and nasty in their treatment of the foster mother in many instances.

8. MCYS gave the foster parents less than 24 hours notice on the 29th June 2011, that they will be taking Mohamed Isaac for repatriation. The foster parents met with ESM Goh Chok Tong for assistance and was advised to not let MCYS in when they came and not to hand Mohamed Isaac over. On 30th June 2011, MCYS came and we did as advised.

9. On the 1st July 2011, when the foster parents were asked to go to MCYS with Mohamed Isaac, the foster parents wrote to PM’s office, their last bestion of hope. PM’s office advised us not to hand Mohamed Isaac over to MCYS and to have MCYS call them if questioned. We informed MCYS and did as PM’s office advised. Unfortunately, there after PM’s office changed its stand and left it to MCYS. Then we handed over Mohamed Isaac to MCYS.

10. If it is true as claimed by MCYS that the natural mother has expressed her desire for her child to be returned to her from the onset or at anytime after that, certainly there were zero effort made for the child to familiarise with her. In any case, Mohamed Isaac has been repatriated from a loving home environment in SIngapore to an orphanage while his application for SIngapore citizenship is pending with ICA.

11. For any other evidence, the video of the taking of Mohamed Isaac speaks for itself.

Didi Ali


TOC is independently gathering more facts on this case. We will bring our readers more information soon.

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