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People’s Action Party (PAP) Member of Parliament for Nee Soon GRC, Dr Lim Wee Kiak has apologised and withdrawn the remarks he made about ministerial salaries. Dr Lim was reported by the Chinese press last week as having said:

“If the annual salary of the Minister of Information, Communication and Arts is only $500,000, it may pose some problems when he discuss policies with media CEOs who earn millions of dollars because they need not listen to the minister’s ideas and proposals, hence a reasonable payout will help to maintain a bit of dignity.”

His comments drew swift and angry response online with many castigating and criticising him.

On Friday Dr Lim apologised for the remarks in a posting he made on his Facebook page. The posting, titled ”
Clarification, apology and withdrawal of my quote“, is as follows:

Minister’s pay is a sensitive issue and is one that many are concerned about. I would like to clarify my comments made to Lianhe Zaobao and also reproduced in LianheWanBao

I made three fundamental points.

1. We need a balanced approach to the question of Ministerial pay.

2. Personally, I think we should not use pay and perks to attract capable people to come forward to serve. I agree with PM that there is a service to country element and an element of sacrifice expected for the Ministers by the public.

3. On the other hand, we need to take into consideration their responsibilities and job scope when we remunerate Ministers.

On further reflection, I agree that the example I quoted regarding a MICA minister meeting the heads of telcos and saying that there may be some loss of face if the minister’s salary is low is inappropriate and incorrect. I withdraw those remarks and apologise for making them. Dignity cannot be and must not be measured purely in monetary terms.


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日前本社报导,一名单亲妈妈蔡莉莉女士(译音),因为被诊断患有红斑狼疮,自2016年起就一直待业。她想申请提早领出公积金过活和养活家人,遗憾的是被当局拒绝。她在上月15日,写信给新加坡总统哈莉玛求助。 对此公积金局在脸书作出回应,指蔡女士在2011年在国立大学医院被诊断患有红斑狼疮,“该医院多次劝他进行进一步诊断,惟蔡女士婉拒并坚持出院。院方尝试安排跟进预约,不过不成功。” 当局称本社在报导中,未提及有不同机构已协助蔡女士。不过在报导中,我们亦涵括社会与家庭发展部,在获悉蔡莉莉致函总统后,已回函表示将审视其个案。 公积金局指蔡女士在上月19日到邱德拔医院求诊,而社工则告知蔡女士其医疗费用可全面获得保健基金(Medifund)辅助;但公积金局又指自该日起无法联系蔡女士,直到她回国。当局表示已建议她以医疗理由申请领取公积金。 疑似蔡女士脸书账号回应公积金局声明 不过对于公积金局的声明,在该帖文留言处,疑似由蔡女士的账号则留言指自己当时离院,是因为在进行MRI扫描时,尽管抗议有过敏,不过仍被“强行”注射,导致其左手前臂肿胀三个月、无法好好走路、吃饭睡觉。 她声称曾向新加坡医药协会投诉惟不得要领;更呼吁公积金局不要误导读者,“若您需要更多事实,与其发布半汤不水的故事,倒不如直接联系我,我会不胜感激。” 电邮质问为何刊载其全名 据了解,蔡女士也透过电邮,质问当局为何在脸书声明刊载其全名? “你有权这么做吗?报章和网络文章都遵循我的要求未报导真名。我要求贵局解释用意何在?在艰难时刻求助,难道意味着我要公开我的身份,成为网络霸凌的对象?” 她直言本身已经为现有处境感到忧郁,为何还要把她“逼到墙角”。“你要逼我直接跳出窗口吗?我住在八楼。” 事实上,这已不是公积金局在声明中,直接公开公积金局成员的名称。过去一些在网络上对于公积金局申诉者,都被当局直接公开点名。…

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疑为躲过警方检举而换车牌的举动被网民拍下散播出去,我国男子自首后于周一(7月8日)在马来西亚法庭认罪,被判罚款8000令吉(约2630新元)。 被告是于5月18日上午7时35分,在振山新马第二通道附近的一个加油站,将其宝马轿车的新加坡注册车牌SLX 27E取下后换上SKD 2777C的车牌,因此触犯了马国的陆路交通法令。 据悉,被告在出庭面控和承认罪行后,向法官求情指自己从今年1月就失业至今,面对着极大的压力,甚至需要寻求治疗。 他在庭上也提呈了医生证明。 推事最终下判,让他缴交8000令吉的罚款,或以一年的监刑代替。 触犯马国《陆路交通法令》者,将面对不少于5000令吉及不超过两万令吉的罚款,或者监禁不少于一年或不超过五年,或两者兼施。

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