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“I approached Teo Chee Hean. He was shaking hands with other supporters, and posing for photographs. I approached him and said, “Mr Teo, I live here and I have a question for you.” He nodded, keeping his smile intact.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Benjamin Cheah, and I’m from The Online Citizen.”

“Where do you live?”

I pointed in the appropriate direction. “Over there.”

“Where are you from?”

“The Online Citizen.”

“Thank you for identifying yourself.” He turned around and walked away.

“Mr Teo!” I shouted.

He continued walking”, Benjamin Cheah recounts.

General Election 2011 is over.  The People’s Action Party has been returned to power.  The Workers’ Party has made inroads into Parliament.  Old warhorses have fallen. New stallions have come forward.  The dust has begun to settle in the battleground of General Election 2011. The machinery of the various political parties will now go into post-mortem mode and will be silent for a while.

But there are a bunch of people who cannot be silent.  These people cannot be silent because between GE 2011 and GE 2016, there will be many issues to be discussed; there will be many untold stories which have to be told; and there will be many injustices which will have to be spoken for. The collective bunch of people who will be discussing these issues, speaking up for the injustices and telling these stories are the volunteers at The Online Citizen.

No matter who turns their back to our hard questions, no matter who calls us irresponsible for reporting a fact, no matter who snubs our invite to an open discussion, we at The Online Citizen will continue to bring you what we have been bringing you for the last 4 and a half years.  But we can do this only as long as we have your support.

Yes, you guessed it.  This IS a shameless plug for donation.  But there is no shame in asking for support – for donation, for a worthy social venture like TOC. For TOC to keep growing and to keep reflecting the views and opinions of ordinary Singaporeans; for it to remain a platform for the average Singaporean who is concerned about issues facing our nation, we need you to support us with your donations.

Your donations will help in providing a reasonable stipend to our Chief Editor, Andrew Loh, so that he can have reasonable sustenance to continue casting the vision, to continue motivating our writers and contributors who are all volunteers.

Your donations will ensure that TOC appreciates the writers and contributors of TOC by reimbursing them for the expenses incurred when they cover events or news.  Simple expenses like those for transportation, the expense of a meal while covering the event/news.

Your donation will pay for TOC’s operating expenses too such as site maintenance, administration, purchase of necessary audio-visual equipments, etc.

TOC’s effort at raising funds has been hampered by the Prime Minister’s Office gazetting us as a political association.  Now, only Singaporeans can keep TOC going.  Without the support of Singaporeans, TOC cannot continue to champion causes and values like civic participation, open government and free media, to redefine news, to expose and question the quasi opinions and veiled ‘viewpoints’ of the mainstream media.

Donate to keep The Online Citizen alive!

Thank you!

Ravi Philemon

Head of Community Outreach

The Online Citizen

For those who want to donate to us, you can do so either through credit card via Paypal (just click on the ‘donate’ button at the end of any article in or by check/bank transfer. Please write to us at [email protected] for more details.


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  • gpak3762

    Where is Donate button? U said at the end of article?

    • nelsonmandala

      juz click and find your way thru PayPal..the rest r eazy

    • Terry Xu

      Sorry, its an old article. The link is here

      We can’t receive donations yet via paypal because we have yet registered ourselves as a charitable organisation.

  • Alan

    As usual blaming others. When everyone shunned you, the problem may be yours! Didn’t you feel it when no one give a damn about your site?

    Have you try to do a reflection bout yourself? Have you degraded your site to a point where you are no longer truth to journalism and its ethics and code?

    Looking at the topics running in your site are mostly blame and accusation to the ruling party on every issue even to an attempt to fake. Did you verify the reason behind any scenario? The starting point are always “they earned millions! I don’t care how they do it but they have to immediately!” Time were required to create a problem. And time are needed to solve it! Did you advocate the time? You are rushing them unreasonably because you know that the election is near and it’s a “Do or Die” scenario.

    Did you verify the commentators whether they are sharing facts or rumors? You allowed them to stir discord and distrust not only to the ruling party and the citizen with no facts given. You even allowed foreign dignitaries like the RWB to mettle with our local politics. Didn’t you realize that this is our country and what are you trying to achieve by turning it around?

    You don’t deserve any reprieves!

  • NotSoNutCase

    Hello TOC ! I don’t understand why TOC continue to “tolerate (can’t find a lesser word)” this @disqus_u2ftd1cVFI:disqus . I mean just ban the “burger” once and for all. It makes no difference to him whether you do it or not. Spare him from constantly making himself a fool here.

    • nelsonmandala

      we nid a..LAN as muck as lauLEE nid lowthiakheng…

      • NotSoNutCase

        At least lauLEE engages lowthiakheng in a civilized manner. If TOC can tolerate a..LAN constant insults it is fine with me.

        • Alan

          Rebuke me if there are any untruth in what I wrote! All reference are found thru out the forum. If you are reasonable enough you can spot what happened among your idiots unless you claimed ignorance.

          You can engaged in your own self denial if you can’t accept the truth!

          • NotSoNutCase

            I guess you think you represent Singapore, ha ?

          • Alan

            Please! I don’t have that kind of thick skin like you. Your gang however claim to represent us. Their traces are everywhere.

          • nelsonmandala

            hav lark..a..LAN u said b4:
            MY singapore..
            not onced
            not twice
            more than 3 times

          • Alan

            It’s my Singapore and my country. It’s your country if you are a singaporean. So what is the problem?

            That’s why I always said to you. Use your brain to think! Not your cock! Those whom you talked to said that to you but you don’t listen. It must be the shit inside your skull!

    • Alan

      Yes! This is what you idiots should do. Ban anyone that oppose and the handful of you can sing whatever song u like! Set it private better. You reap what you sow. You should ponder upon why you reach this pathetic stage!

      A charitable organisation? Charitable to your pocket u mean! Please do not tarnish the good name of charity! They exist to make my country better! Not to turn it upside down.