“I approached Teo Chee Hean. He was shaking hands with other supporters, and posing for photographs. I approached him and said, “Mr Teo, I live here and I have a question for you.” He nodded, keeping his smile intact.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Benjamin Cheah, and I’m from The Online Citizen.”

“Where do you live?”

I pointed in the appropriate direction. “Over there.”

“Where are you from?”

“The Online Citizen.”

“Thank you for identifying yourself.” He turned around and walked away.

“Mr Teo!” I shouted.

He continued walking”, Benjamin Cheah recounts.

General Election 2011 is over.  The People’s Action Party has been returned to power.  The Workers’ Party has made inroads into Parliament.  Old warhorses have fallen. New stallions have come forward.  The dust has begun to settle in the battleground of General Election 2011. The machinery of the various political parties will now go into post-mortem mode and will be silent for a while.

But there are a bunch of people who cannot be silent.  These people cannot be silent because between GE 2011 and GE 2016, there will be many issues to be discussed; there will be many untold stories which have to be told; and there will be many injustices which will have to be spoken for. The collective bunch of people who will be discussing these issues, speaking up for the injustices and telling these stories are the volunteers at The Online Citizen.

No matter who turns their back to our hard questions, no matter who calls us irresponsible for reporting a fact, no matter who snubs our invite to an open discussion, we at The Online Citizen will continue to bring you what we have been bringing you for the last 4 and a half years.  But we can do this only as long as we have your support.

Yes, you guessed it.  This IS a shameless plug for donation.  But there is no shame in asking for support – for donation, for a worthy social venture like TOC. For TOC to keep growing and to keep reflecting the views and opinions of ordinary Singaporeans; for it to remain a platform for the average Singaporean who is concerned about issues facing our nation, we need you to support us with your donations.

Your donations will help in providing a reasonable stipend to our Chief Editor, Andrew Loh, so that he can have reasonable sustenance to continue casting the vision, to continue motivating our writers and contributors who are all volunteers.

Your donations will ensure that TOC appreciates the writers and contributors of TOC by reimbursing them for the expenses incurred when they cover events or news.  Simple expenses like those for transportation, the expense of a meal while covering the event/news.

Your donation will pay for TOC’s operating expenses too such as site maintenance, administration, purchase of necessary audio-visual equipments, etc.

TOC’s effort at raising funds has been hampered by the Prime Minister’s Office gazetting us as a political association.  Now, only Singaporeans can keep TOC going.  Without the support of Singaporeans, TOC cannot continue to champion causes and values like civic participation, open government and free media, to redefine news, to expose and question the quasi opinions and veiled ‘viewpoints’ of the mainstream media.

Donate to keep The Online Citizen alive!

Thank you!

Ravi Philemon

Head of Community Outreach

The Online Citizen

For those who want to donate to us, you can do so either through credit card via Paypal (just click on the ‘donate’ button at the end of any article in or by check/bank transfer. Please write to us at [email protected] for more details.


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撰文:人权律师M.Ravi  翻译:北雁 刑事法(临时条款)(CLTPA)被“临时”延长了六十年,还算是临时条款吗?该法在1955年颁布,就连名称本身都用词不当,新加坡人又再一次被愚弄了。 我们知道,该法赋权部长,未经审讯,就可下令拘留嫌犯。这原本是殖民时代的产物,是为了对应那个时代危机的临时措施。 然而,即便国家独立后,法令还沿用至今,新加坡可说是全球唯一,把一项“临时措施”保留了超过半世纪的国家。 而最近的刑事法(临时条款)修正法案,则针对部长拘留权限附加以下条款: “针对第(1)分款【拘留令和警察监视】事项,部长的所有决策均为最终决定。” 我已经说过,让部长干预警方执法的角色,很危险。上述条文也把司法机构审查任何拘留案件的权限,排除在外,使得透过司法程序挑战变得极为困难。 简言之,就是压迫基本权利,司法机构也无法、甚至对于审查有关拘捕或警察监视令是否公正,无法起作用。 在我执业期间,曾遇过一些个案、有者年仅19岁,声称自己无辜且被人诬陷。即便辩护他们的证据很无力,但却因为类似上述的法令,他们甚至连在法庭面对审判的机会都没有。 我们既然已经有针对高利贷和私会党活动制定了严法,这种“临时”措施,就不应再扩大并延伸到更广泛的犯罪行为。 刑事法(临时条款)近期的修法,…

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疑找不到路崩溃 德士司机对女佣咆哮“我真的要死了!”

相信是为了路线起争执,一名德士司机不仅对试图引路的女佣咆哮,还说“想自杀”,被乘客欺负等。 《All Singapore Stuff 》昨日上传了司机与女佣吵架的视频,根据视频显示,乘客相信为一名女佣,正和一名老妇共乘。而视频开始便可见司机在大声咆哮,指责女佣的引路指示不清楚,尽管女佣回应,但司机已显然烦躁不安,吆喝女佣,并重复说道,“你说什么了!” 随后司机开始抓狂,指女佣毁了他一整天的心情,甚至扬言自己想死。期间还以中英夹杂崩溃表示,“我真的要死了,如果可以我现在就自杀!每天都被乘客欺负!” 尽管女佣耐心引路,但司机依旧非常崩溃,不停大声吆喝女佣,最后甚至扬言要报警处理。女佣当下也忍不住怒火,怒呛司机不懂路还拒绝别人帮忙,还要骂人。 视频共长达3分多钟,期间司机数度崩溃抓狂,并咆哮斥责女佣欺负老人,女佣则反击司机没有权利可以任意咆哮人,俩人的战火愈发猛烈,情绪也愈发崩溃。最后车子在经过好几分钟的争执后来到目的地,女佣带着老妇付了钱下车,这才结束了这场闹剧。 在长达好几分钟的视频中,尚未了解个中原因,也无法得知争端起源。一些网友为女佣打抱不平;但有者ue表示,未了解争执原因,无法判断孰是孰非,也有人站在司机的角度称司机也只是想要安心接客,或许在沟通过程中女佣的态度让司机稍感不适而引发争执。

【武汉冠状病毒】3月6日增13确诊! 九病患与裕廊战备军人协会俱乐部聚餐有关

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