Dear Readers,

TOC has grown more robustly than we imagined just a few months ago. Our site readership has almost tripled in recent months, and we have a new general election site to manage in addition to the booming readership on our main site. Our team has grown in tandem with the readership surge, as has the complexity of running the website.

To continue giving you the quality of coverage you’ve come to expect of us while strengthening the management side of the TOC team as we move forward, we are happy to share the following changes in the TOC team.

Joshua Chiang who has ably steered our team through our gazetting is being kicked upstairs (or sideways?) to concentrate on bringing home the bacon as Head of Business Development . His purview will extend to oversight of advertising, merchandising development and sales, and all monetary transactions of TOC.

Andrew Loh, who is currently helming our general election coverage, will be back in a hot seat very familiar to him: Editor-in-Chief of TOC.

Ravi Philemon will remain as Head of Community Outreach.

Leong Sze Hian, our numbers man, will be TOC’s Chief Coordinating Statistician crunching the numbers for the numerically challenged (everyone else).

Finally Siew Kum Hong will remain as One of the Persons Responsible for Compliance with the Obligations under the Political Donations Act

There are no changes to the names submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office for compliance with the Political Donations Act.

TOC is made up of volunteers who selflessly devote their time outside work to covering this watershed general election. Please consider giving us a contribution to keep the site going.

Joshua Chiang
Former Chief Editor now Head of Business Development, a position the rest of the team told him would make him even more eligible a bachelor than before.
11th April 2011


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