The following is an excerpt of an article posted today at Sgpolitics.

by Ng E-Jay/

Why is it that the Tin Pei Ling saga just won’t die down? It has been nearly two weeks since netizens began dragging her private photographs out into the open and making inane insinuations about the background of her marriage. A heated debate has erupted, with some defending Ms Tin’s right to privacy, and others questioning the quality of the candidates PAP is fielding, as well as the flaws in our GRC system.

An online petition to field Tin Pei Ling in an SMC has also been initiated ( was the first local socio-political blog to openly make this suggestion). Started by one Mr Ti Kiang Heng on 4 April, the petition has started garnered well over a thousand signatories so far (see here).

The massive reaction by cyberspace is noteworthy, for a number of reasons. Firstly, it demonstrates that netizens are speaking up more on socio-political issues and are far from apathetic. Perhaps the closeness of the general election date has a lot to do with the increased participation. Nonetheless it is heartening to note that the internet community is articulating its views in a stronger voice than ever before and more people are logging on to read, react and interact with others concerning current issues. The authorities must know that they had better started paying even closer attention to what is being circulated on the net, because the cyber community will only grow and become exponentially more vocal over time.

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