Letter Comparison: Plugging for TV debate before GE

This is the letter that appeared today on ST forum.

I HOPE the political parties contesting the general election will agree to televised debates.

Every political party should be represented in the debates, which should be aired on prime time.

The information that Singaporeans will get out of the debates will be invaluable in helping us decide on who to vote for.

Ng Zhao Yang

The following is the original letter sent to ST.

Dear Editor,

On 10 May 2010 my letter with respect to having televised debates about election issues in Singapore just as what happened in the United Kingdom was published. I am writing in again to state my desire that such televised debates do happen. I hope that the parties who are contesting the elections would be able to come together in a studio, with a strong moderator who will keep the debates on track and not degenerate into a mud-slinging session. At the same time, this allows for the majority of citizens to understand what are each party’s manifestos and also for each party to debate with each other on their stance on key issues such as cost of living and immigration.

I sincerely hope that this will happen. I understand that already Channel News Asia had an episode of Talking Point which was similar. However, I feel that every party should be represented and these debates should be televised at prime time so as to ensure that every person in Singapore will have the opportunity to view it. The information that Singaporeans will get out of the debate will be invaluable when we go to the polls to exercise our democratic rights.

Yours sincerely,

Ng Zhao Yang