Independent candidate Andrew Kuan asked to leave Opposition meeting

Mr Andrew Kuan

Independent candidate Mr Andrew Kuan was asked to leave the opposition parties’ meeting held at the PKMS building this afternoon. The meeting, the second in a week, is the traditional horse-trading negotiation the parties hold to decide the constituencies where each of them will contest in the upcoming General Election.

Mr Kuan confirmed with The Online Citizen (TOC) that he left the meeting after 45 minutes as some members of the opposition insisted “that this meeting was only for opposition members with parties.” Since he is an independent candidate and hence is not a member of any party, some felt he should not be allowed at the meeting. TOC understands that Mr Kuan was the only independent candidate present.

Though Mr Kuan declined to name the individuals, saying that he will respect their privacy, he clarified that he was invited to the meeting by two or three “matured” individuals. He also added that the invitation to participate came from the chairman of the meeting, the PKMS secretary-general, Mr Mohd Nazem bin Suki.

Mr Kuan has previously announced his desire to contest Joo Chiat SMC. Another party that has expressed interest in the SMC is the Workers’ Party.

The negotiations among the parties ended with an agreement which will see all 27 constituencies contested in the General Election, which must be held before February 2012.