A history of worst case scenarios

If, for instance, you put in a Malay officer who’s very religious and who has family ties in Malaysia in charge of a machine gun unit, that’s a very tricky business. We’ve got to know his background. I’m saying these things because they are real, and if I didn’t think that, and I think even if today the Prime Minister doesn’t think carefully about this, we could have a tragedy.

A question of loyalty: the Malays in Singapore, Straits Times 18 Sep 1999

Well, we make them say the national pledge and sing the national anthem but suppose we have a famine, will your Malay neighbour give you the last few grains of rice or will she share it with her family or fellow Muslim or vice versa?

Interview with Mark Jacobson from National Geographic 6 Jul 2009

The influence from the Middle East has made them have head-dresses for no rhyme or reason.

Interview with Mark Jacobson from National Geographic 6 Jul 2009

… read the book and understand where he’s coming from. And don’t just read one book, see MM in his whole lifespan and the struggles he has gone through.

Dr Yaccob Ibrahim The Sunday Times Jan 30 2011

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