Achtung!!! TOC presents… Poli-Tees!

TOC launches our first-ever super-duper cool merchandise – The Poli-Ts! Slogans you can wear!
That’s right folks, if you’ve ever felt like you were Cheaper, Better and Faster, you can express yourself with these cool T-shirts – for ONLY $25.00 each!

Actual product might differ slightly as these are mock-ups.
T-shirts are available as round-neck Ts for guys, and V-neck for gals. Color is in Incorruptible White only, although you can choose from five sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large (please refer to the SIZE CHART below for measurements).
You can pay either through PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD.
Just select the size and click on the ‘Buy’ button below the T-shirt design you want (scroll down).
Please allow for three weeks for delivery of product.
Please note also there is no longer an XXL option for Male Tees.
Cheaper Better Faster Male T-shirt TOCT001


Cheaper Better Faster Female T-shirt TOCT002


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