Wee Shu Min, PMETs and cohesiveness in our society

From Diary of a Singapore Mind:

I’m overseas and getting access to the Internet is not so easy in some places. A few days ago on the 19 Oct 2010, I wanted to post something on the 4th anniversary of the Wee Shu Min incident [Link] but couldn’t get access to the Internet.

For many Singaporeans, that incident was a wakeup call to the widening class divide in our society.

The incident started when a blogger Derek Wee wrote about his worries about how the intense economic competition resulted in structural unemployment among Singaporeans and how we end up with the most having the “most highly educated taxi drivers in the world” because it is so difficult to get a job when you’re retrench above the age of 40. You should read Derek’s post [Link] and think about what he said and you may find answers to several questions – why people don’t have children, why people leave, why our society is losing its cohesiveness.

Before I discuss these issues, further I will tell you a story.

Read the full story on Diary of a Singaporemind


Some comments from Singaporemind’s readers:


Singapore used to be a very wonderful contry back in the 70s and 80s. Sometime in the 90s, the country changes and by now changes beyond recognition. The envirnment has created people who fighting for survival has a self preservation culture and you die your business culture. Very sad for the country from my view point.


The whole value system of the society has been turned on its head. I really hate to think this is the kind of society we are handing to our next generation.


Such a system comes about when the people who crafts the policies are shielded from the very system they crafted. In other words, they have no stake in really making the system work for the people.


Ordinary Singapore must wake up and realise that the only way they can get change to improve their lives in Singapore is to vote for the oppositions. If they don’t do that nothing will change and the future for their children will be worst.


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