From Maruah;

Dear all,

Have you ever felt angry at social injustice and inequity? Are you an aspiring activist, an educator or a curious student? Ever felt that you could contribute more?

Following the success of last year’s “whose Right is it anyway?“, MARUAH will be organising TWO workshops entitled “Rights and Responsibilities” on 30 October and 13 November at the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations.

All of us have something we care about – be it poverty, environment, health issues, financial protection or education. So what happens when you put supporters of these different causes into a same group to learn about rights, and to discuss and debate which rights should be more important to them?

Come experience a day of engagement and, even, controversy on this subject seldom publicly talked about! The workshops aim to raise awareness about human rights and provide a rights-based approach instead of a welfare approach to social issues, which reclaims the dignity of the individual. The workshops are specially designed to engage participants through small-group sessions.

Attendance is FREE!

Registration is required for this event. You can register for the event here ( or email [email protected].
Warm regards,
MARUAH Youth Team



Dates: 30 October OR 13 November 2010 (please indicate your preferred date

Time: 9.30 am to 4.00 pm

Venue: Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (Directions and Map)


0915 : Registration
0930 : Introduction: Human Rights 101
1100 : Session 1: My Rights
1200 : Lunch Break
1300 : Session 2: Your Rights
1400 : Session 3: Our Rights
1500 : Sharing and Reflection
1530 : Closing Address
1600 : End



MARUAH (Working Group for the ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism, Singapore) is the Singapore focal point for the Working Group for an ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism, a regional entity associated with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), MARUAH has been involved in human rights advocacy and public education since 2007.

More about MARUAH:


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