Building a more people-oriented, diverse, participatory and freer Singapore

From the Reform Party’s blog:

By Alec Tok:

I have seen, since the eighties, the slow erosion of our justice system; I have experienced how Singapore became more and more expensive to live in – I had a car accident in 1994, just before I got married; my car was wrecked beyond repair; it had to be scrapped; after that, I could not afford to buy another one – the COE had become beyond my reach.

These past few years, on my frequent trips back, most times enroute from Shanghai or Beijing, where the majority of my work is these days, I have experienced the crowded MRT trains, the visible difference in the mix of people around me and the general air of confusion, about why we have come to this state – living seems harder, things seem more expensive, work, not so easy to find and the government, speaking in terms that, I don’t quite understand.

“We need foreigners to grow our economy.” Grow for who?

“Public housing is still affordable.” Affordable for who?

“We are small, so we need to move fast, so we cannot have too much debate.” So fast, for what?

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