NSP expresses concerns about Sands’ links to criminal gangs

Press release from the National Solidarity Party.

Concerns on the Casino License for Marina Sands

1. The National Solidarity Party notes that there are news reports on Macau Sands’ links to its partner who is implicated in the murder-for-hire case being tried in Hong Kong. According to Business Time April 3 2010 report, “an investigation in Macau has revealed that a local partner of Las Vegas Sands (LVS) could have links with triads”.

2. We also note that Reuters has reported on 31st March that “Nevada’s Gaming Control Board said on Wednesday it was analyzing the status of VIP room operations in Macau casinos and possible links to Chinese criminals”.

3. The PAP government has stated categorically that it will not issue any casino license to any operators that have links to any triads in the world when the decision to build the two casinos was made back in 2005. While the constructions of both casino resorts are due to be completed soon, NSP is very concerned about the social implications of issuing casino license to operators who have links to triads.

4. We notice that the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) under the Ministry of Home Affairs has declined comment on this issue when contacted by the Business Time reporter. We strongly feel that CRA should make an appropriate response to the latest development of Sands in view of the pending opening of Marina Sands at the end of this month.

5. We hope that the CRA would take the recent development into careful considerations when it decides upon the issuing of Casino License to Marina Sands. We would also like to know the contingency plans that the government has in place to deal with casino operators who are found to breach the rules on having links to any triads after casino licenses have been issued.

Goh Meng Seng
Secretary General of the 13th CEC