YPAP member: “Blame on your karma or your forefathers…”

Posted on the Young PAP Network Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=77865194499&topic=13076#topic_top

Eric How is believed to be a Young PAP member.

Screenshot from YPAP Network Facebook

In case you can’t see it, here is what was posted by Eric How:

Kojat and Friends,

I am not mocking you guys on being banned on your own home ground. In fact, do not think that you can hide behind the keyboard doing all those weird stunts like posting pics of our members etc. I will be monitoring you guys and just be careful if you did infringe any copyrights materials.

Do not be bitter and go on slapping on the Government senselessly because you did not get any fruits or benefits from your forefather. You will have to blame on your karma or your forefathers for not getting all the paths right for their off springs. My folks did the right thing by getting all the stuffs ready for us and we will never ever need to nag about the Government giving jobs to foreigners instead of locals. In fact, we create jobs for others. Our folks even make sure that we guys do not need to squeeze into public transport by getting each of us a personal car.

The job market is an open competition whereby the best person gets the job and not because of nationalities. Buck up and do something right for you’re off springs so that they will be thankful to you and not turn up to be like you guys nagging senselessly.

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