Petition calls on the Romanian govt to take appropriate action, including waiving its diplomatic immunity for those responsible.

Online petition set up on hit-and-run incident involving Romanian diplomat

An online petition has been created in reaction to the hit-and-run involving a Romanian diplomat.

Dr Silviu Ionescu, the charge d’affaires at the Romanian Embassy here in Singapore, is believed to be involved in the incident and is reported to be a suspect.

The driver of a car belonging to the Romanian Embassy had hit three pedestrians at two traffic junctions in Bukit Panjang. Three persons were hurt in the hit-and-run which happened on 15 December last year – one of them has since died.  Dr Ionescu, who is believed to have been at the scene of the incident, later left Singapore for medical treatment back in his country. The Singapore police is investigating the case.

[Picture right, from Asia One]: Madam Yenni Young, 31, wife of the late Mr Tong Kok Wai, weeps as she is embraced by a visitor at her husband’s funeral wake.

Mr Tong was the victim of the hit-and-run accident involving an Audi from the Romanian Embassy. He was taken off life support ten days after the double hit-and-run accident.

More pictures of the victims here.

Below is the online petition:

To:  The Romanian Government and the Romanian Embassy in Singapore

We, Singaporeans, are shocked and saddened by the hit-and-run accident occurred at around 3am (Singapore) on 15 December 2009 in which one person died and two others were injured.

Dr Silviu Ionescu, charge d’affaires of the Romanian embassy in Singapore is a suspect in the said traffic accident. He has gone back to Romania after the accident.

We, the undersigned, hereby request:-

(1) that the Romanian government or the Romanian embassy in Singapore shall immediately made out ex-gratia payments to the families of the victims of the said accident;

(2) that the Romanian government and the Romanian embassy in Singapore shall immediately and unconditionally co-operate with the Singapore authorities to conduct detail investigation of the accident;

(3) If the above-mentioned investigation yields prima-facie evidence that Dr Silviu Ionescu is responsible for the accident, the Romanian government and the Romanian embassy in Singapore shall immediately and unconditionally waive all immunity of the said Dr Silviu Ionescu under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and hand him over to the Singapore authorities.


The Undersigned


Headline picture from Xiaxue’s blog.