Why so serious? An irreverent look at the Ministerial Forum. The Enquirer.

Ministerial humour

Story and picture by Chong Zi Liang for  The Enquirer.

ALL HAIL new media! Without it, we wouldn’t have four different ways of saying: “Yes, the ministerial forum was awesome.”

An online poll with the question, “How do you find the ministerial forum?” offered “inspiring”, “refreshing”, “fantastic” or “innovative” as answers.

Still, about 3000 people actually bothered to take part and more than 50 had decided what they felt about the forum even before it took place.

No surprise that “innovative” was the most popular choice at press time, since the other choices were even greater declarations of the forum’s brilliance.

But perhaps it was the Internet’s fault that attendance was less than stellar since students could pose questions to the PM on twitter instead of turning up in person.

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