Update: Singapore ‘dismayed’ over Suu Kyi charges – AFP (Friday, 15 May 2009)

Gerald Giam / Senior Writer

Myanmar’s opposition leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has been charged with breaching the terms of her house arrest after an apparently uninvited visit by an American man.

This is clearly a flimsy excuse to extend her detention, which expires at the end of this month. These latest charges carry a penalty of 5 years imprisonment, which would stretch her detention beyond even the 2010 elections, effectively disqualifying her from contesting it.

She has been under house arrest under the country’s military regime for 11 of the past 19 years since her party, the National League for Democracy, was elected to power in the last democratic elections in the former Burma.

The United States, European Union and the United Nations have all expressed their unhappiness at these latest developments. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), through Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, has merely expressed “concern” and hopes that “positive steps will be taken”.

This is not enough. Myanmar has clearly violated the recently inked ASEAN Charter, which it is a signatory to. The country’s military regime has contravened several articles of the Charter, including:

Article 1(7): “To strengthen democracy, enhance good governance and the rule of law, and to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

Article 2(2i): “Respect for fundamental freedoms, the promotion and protection of human rights, and the promotion of social justice.”

Article 5(2): “Member States shall take all necessary measures, including the enactment of appropriate domestic legislation, to effectively implement the provisions of this Charter and to comply with all obligations of membership.”

Myanmar’s continued and unwarranted detention of its people’s democratically elected leader should be considered a case of a serious breach of the Charter. It is therefore appropriate for the matter to be referred to the ASEAN Summit, in accordance with Article 20 of the Charter.

In addition, ASEAN should strongly and unequivocally condemn this behaviour by Myanmar immediately, lest it be seen to be acquiescing to the military junta’s violations of basic human rights.

Singapore, as a founding and influential member of ASEAN, should likewise state its strong condemnation of Myanmar’s behaviour. This is in Singapore’s interest, as not doing so will invite accusations that we and ASEAN are not serious about implementing the principles outlined in the Charter, making a mockery of the entire Charter.


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三周后才通知客工确诊 人力部、卫生部称“行政疏失”向雇主道歉!

上周二,名为詹德拉的雇主,在脸书分享,在7月13日收到通知旗下一名客工确诊,但迟迟未被当局安排送往隔离中心,客工仍继续和11名室友同处一室。焦急万分、求助无门下,雇主只得上网把这件事情公开,求各界帮忙想办法。 卫生部和人力部在7月19日的联合文告,承认出现“行政疏失”(administrative error),迟至三周后才通知雇主有客工确诊,并向有关雇主道歉。 两个部门指出,上述确诊客工住在卓源宿舍,当局已联系雇主作出解释;与此同时,12名同室客工状况良好,且测试期间仍有医疗人员观察他们情况,也未出现急促呼吸症状。 有关客工和七名室友已痊愈,其余四名中,有三名新近感染,被送到社区护理中心,还有一名未被传染,但会在政府的隔离设施完成最后的隔离期。 根据早前詹德拉的脸书贴文,他指出客工是在6月22日接受冠病检测,但迟至7月13日才收到卫生部的简讯通知客工确诊。然而,即使客工主动要求隔离,也被宿舍保安告知没有空房,结果12客工仍继续共处一室,仅被要求戴上口罩。 詹德拉曾联系卫生部告知此事,但之后却仍没有动静,15日再拨电询问,岂知却被告知“系统中没有记录”,令詹德拉感到不论是宿舍和政府机构好像都在“踢皮球”。 根据卫生部文告,卓源宿舍从4月6日起就已被令隔离,6月22日,当局为客工进行抽样检测,以评估病毒的传播程度,让当局制定排查宿舍疫情的策略。 文告澄清,有关抽样检测不是针对个人的检测。上述客工和他11位室友,都被选中参与群体样本检测,而检测结果显示12位同室客工,有很大可能都被感染。 然而该部称,当局进行群体检测时却出现行政疏失,结果取样回来的拭子样本,只拿到上述确诊客工的。

Register of electors to be updated before 30 April

The Elections Department has announced through a press release on Monday (2 Feburary) that the registers of electors to be updated no later than 30 April.