12:17 pm: Thio Su Mien has arrived and is seated in the front row with two auxiliary police officers with her. The organiser has disallowed photos to be taken.

12.15pm: TOC team is now inside the hall. The venue can hold some 2,200 people. 

12.01 pm: Unclear if vote of no confidence is allowed to be tabled for the meeting. TOC is hearing news that such a vote will not be allowed to be tabled. The old guards of Aware wants a vote of no confidence to be put to the vote and if it prevails, the current exco will be dissolved and another election will be held.

11. 45 am: Auxiliary police has arrived and deployed. 

11:41 am: Former NMP Siew Kum Hong, who has arrived at Suntec, tells TOC he supports the old guards of Aware and the values and tradition that Aware has held for the past 24 years.


11 am: The members and participants for the Aware extraordinary general meeting has started to arrive at Suntec City. Staff from Aware was seen preparing for the event as early as 10am. Constance Singam, former president of the organization, and Braema Mathi, have arrived and both were seen smiling and relaxed. (See pictures below)

About 200 people or so are now presently at the registration point outside Hall 402 on the fourth level, where the EOGM will be held. Earlier, staff from Aware were asking the public to not gather outside the hall and asked them to leave, including TOC. However, most people stayed on while some went to the third level to wait. Registration was suppose to start at 12noon but it has now been changed and the members and public are now being registered.

The mood here is one of anticipation and expectation but most are relaxed and are in good spirits.

Here are some pictures from about an hour ago. TOC will be bringing you updates throughout the day. Stay tuned! Please refresh this page periodically to view new updates.




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