The following is a comment posted on TOC by Singaporedaddy, aka the Intenet Liaison officer of the brotherhood, with reference to the Straits Times forum letter about Mr Tan Kin Lian.


What does it matter? Black cat or white cat providing it catches mices.

The way I see it, its a simple case of supply and demand. Yes, lets not complicate it further. Its very simple to understand.

This matter was allowed to fester without any direction for so very long a time. There was plenty of opportunity for anyone to step into the medley to fill in the missing narrative. So if the govt didnt step in, how can you blame so many aggrieved investors should they gravitate towards Mr Tan?

It could be said, they created the perfect conditions for him to assume the position, he did. He is not a god or a messiah, he is just a man who holds out a “solution.” So how can you blame others for seeing hope in him (real or imagined). Is that even reasonable. Use your mentality.

This is common sense. If you happen to be a MP, corporate leader or even someone like Gerald Ee. If theydont step in decisive and take charge of the situation, then you cannot blame others should they decide to do the same.

This is really like the classical case of a man whose wife has run off and set up home with another man. Because the husband did not service her regularly or attend to her bedroom needs (this is a sensitive issue, but it is an apt metaphor as a strong emotional quotient features in the whole pathology.)

How can you now blame the man for stepping in to do the job which the husband should have done in the first place?

Please think. If you want to lead, then lead. Who was stopping you? The soap box was there. So was the venue and there is no shortage of by standers. So what you talking about? If you do nothing and someone comes along and leads, then you pull up every single dirty trick in the bag to plug him. Then I say, you better think very hard again. Your chances of succeeding is zero. all you would have done is martyred Mr Tan. That is really how stupid the person who started all this is.

SD (Intenet Liaison officer of the brotherhood)


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