NTUC Fairprice is extending its discount scheme till the end of October. This move comes after MAS revised upwards its inflation forecast for 2008 for the third time last Tuesday, it says.

In a media release received by The Online Citizen, NTUC FairPrice Group CEO Mr Tan Kian Chew said, “In view of continued inflationary pressure, we have decided to continue to help our customers fight the inflation war by extending the discount scheme for another three months.”

In the scheme, shoppers get a five per cent discount on 500 housebrand items when they shop at FairPrice. Priced “at least 10 percent cheaper than comparable national brands”, and with the five per cent discount, NTUC says consumers can “save at least 15 percent on the 500 essential housebrand items.”

Introduced in December last year, the scheme was extended twice to end July 2008. The extension till end October 2008 will help consumers save up to S$1.5 million, NTUC says.

Last Sunday, NTUC FairPrice Foundation presented S$1.5 million worth of FairPrice vouchers, under the FairPrice Food Voucher Scheme, to help needy families all across Singapore cope with the impact of rising cost of living.


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