Dear readers,

The Online Citizen’s (TOC) new website was launched on 14 May 2008. The new design is a culmination of over two months of planning, discussions and coding.

While we don a new look, the objectives for TOC remain unchanged: To provide a platform for Singaporeans to share their honest opinions, especially opinions that don’t get aired in the mainstream media.


Some readers have commented that our new site looks more like a news website than a blog. Well, we hope to achieve the best of both worlds!

With our old site, we had difficulty posting more than one article per day. Whenever we posted multiple new articles, the earlier one would get pushed down into oblivion.

With the new layout, we can now post up to 17 new articles a day. These will all appear on the Home page each with their own headlines and excerpts. Readers can then click on the articles that appeal to them.

We hope this new layout will enable us to accommodate many more writers and contributors, keep content fresh throughout the day and hopefully bring us more readers.

Comments and encouraging participation

Despite our more “news website” look, rest assured that we still view comments as the lifeblood of TOC. The comments section at the end of each article is where our readers come to interact with each other and share their views. So please keep the comments flowing!


TOC is fully volunteer-run. We have not received funding from any sources — all expenses so far have been paid for from our own pockets. Readers may have noticed that we have added some advertisements on our pages. Revenue from the ads goes towards covering the costs of running TOC.

New sections

A common grouse from readers about our old site was that it looked messy and disorganised. We have strived to remedy that with our new website sections:

– Top Story is for the most important headline of the day.

– Main Stories contains links to other important headlines of the day.

– Feature article will be replaced soon to allow us to highlight blog entries by fellow bloggers. Look out for it.

– Our Columnists contains articles from our committed weekly columnists, currently Tan Kin Lian, Leong Sze Hian and Farquhar.

– TOC Extra will be reserved for Chinese, Malay or Tamil articles, or other articles which we may not have a suitable section for. We hope to reach out to a much greater spectrum of readers this way. We welcome writers who wish to contribute articles in the three languages.

– Media Watch will be a special focus on media-related issues, especially the new media.

– Events & Announcements will provide info on upcoming events or announcements from TOC. To have your event featured here, please drop us an email or a press release. We may not be able to publish each and every request and we seek our readers’ understanding on this matter.

– TOC TV will help us step up to the next dimension of media engagement through videos.

As we receive feedback from our readers, we will be making further changes during this transition period. We ask for your patience and understanding.

Help us make TOC better

Launching the new website was just the first step. We recognise that content is still king. It is high quality articles which will continue to bring our readers back to TOC. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please let us know.

We are constantly seeking volunteers who wish to contribute their skills and expertise to this endeavour. We welcome writers who have a passion for honest journalism to be part of our team. If you have specialised skills like cartoon drawing, graphic design, web programming, filmmaking and video editing skills, or have expertise in marketing or law, please do contact us too.

Our email is [email protected] . With your support, we will work to grow TOC from strength to strength.

Thank you!


Gerald Giam

Deputy Editor / Web Developer

The Online Citizen


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明天(6月4日),将迎来六四事件30周年。不过中国国防部长魏凤和表示,当时中国中央政府采取果断措施平息六四事件,是“正确的方略”。 有学者认为这是中共官方在六四前夕较罕见的表态。新加坡从上周五至周日(6月2日)举办香格里拉对话会,魏凤和也出席该会发表谈话,并接受媒体提问。 其中,英国《电讯报》记者严倩君提问,周二就是“六四”事件30周年,中国军队会否承认当年发生的事。 对此魏凤和回应:“六四八九年的动乱已30年了。30年的时间证明,在中国共产党领导下中国发生了翻天覆地的变化。你难道说六四我们处理的不对吗?” “六四是有结论的,它是一场政治的风波,是一场政治的动乱。中央采取了果断的措施,军队采取了措施制止和平息了动乱,这是正确的方略。” 他认为,正因为当初平息了六四才有今天的稳定,而不是其他的因素,也欢迎媒体到中国亲自去看看、回顾那段历史。 除了六四事件,魏凤和也表示决不放弃武统台湾、如任何人尝试将台湾自中国分裂出去,中国军方没有选择,只能不惜代价一战。 不过据法新社报导,近日也有大约50名活跃人士,聚集在中国驻美华盛顿大使馆外,进行30周年六四天安门事件纪念活动。 中国民主运动海外联席会议主席魏京生表示:“我觉得世界各地的民众对共产党体愈来愈失去耐性。我也觉得人们开始意识到他们不能再容忍这个政体。” 香格里拉对话会是亚太地区规模最大和影响力最广的防务安全论坛,正式名称为“亚洲安全会议”,因会址固定在新加坡香格里拉大酒店,所以又被称为“香格里拉对话会”,自2002年起每年举办一届。 中国几乎参加了香格里拉对话会迄今为止的全部会议,自2007年以来,每年都派军方高级代表团参会。尤其是2011年,时任国务委员兼国防部长的梁光烈与会,也是中国防长的首次出席。

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Increased water level at Linggiu Reservoir in Johor due to heavy rain

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