A government-linked body has embarked on a review of the regulatory framework over the internet. While the focus of the review seems to be “what to regulate and how to regulate”, there is a sense from those currently being consulted that the aim of this exercise is not liberalisation.

So far, those being consulted appears to be the elite – the “experts”.

There is a need for ordinary bloggers – and filmmakers who intend to put video material on the internet – to get together and organise a submission to the relevant bodies, putting across the perspective of practitioners.

This call for a bloggers’ meeting should interest those who often discuss politics and society in their work.

Date, time and venue:

Tuesday, 4 December 2007, 7 – 9 pm
At the Substation, Classroom 2.
Armenian Street

This first meeting is meant for brainstorming the key issues; then to organise into teams to draft various parts of the intended submission. The teams have one week (till the second meeting) to work on their respective parts.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007, 7 – 9 pm
At the Substation, Classroom 2.
Armenian Street

The second meeting is for the various drafts to be brought together and stitched/reconciled into a joint submission.

What to expect:

  • You should already be operating a blog, or producing content that is meant for uploading (e.g. videos, writing regularly for someone else’s blog)
  • We should be able to accommodate up to 20 – 25 persons; we do not need a large crowd as that would be unwieldy.
  • The meeting, once begun, will be “closed door” i.e. not open to reporting. No journalists allowed.
  • Please get something to eat before the meeting starts; bring your own drink.

Background reading:

Participants are requested to familiarise themselves with the legal and regulatory background beforehand.

Suggested reading (do a websearch):

  1. Broadcasting Act
  2. Media Development Authority of Singapore Act
  3. Internet Code of Conduct
  4. Internet Class Licence Scheme
  5. Films Act
  6. Parliamentary Elections Act
  7. Election Advertising Regulations
  8. Penal Code, Sections 298, 298A, etc
  9. Penal Code, Sections 499, 505, etc
  10. Sedition Act

Please help spread the open call for this meeting.


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