Why we ought not to have a mandatory death penalty…

Excerpted from Kitana’s blog here.

My father and B are both of the opinion tt I am sometimes too emotional for my own good. I feel sadness too easily. I’d only attended one judgment for a murder trial, and during tt trial the holding had been culpable homicide not amounting to murder, which was a rather joyous occasion. And the only trial I’d attended where the defendent had pleaded guilty and been sentenced to jail; I became rather sad when I watched them slip the handcuffs onto his wrists as his wife watched attempting bravely to blink her tears back. I knew tt it was temporary and tt he would be released shortly and well, he had to do the time for the crime I suppose, but from what I’d seen of him I’d thought tt he was a good man, and I always felt sad if I saw good people go to jail.

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