Sir, may I have the can please?

This excerpt is taken from Yawning Bread’s website.

I was having a late lunch at a hawker centre — just some fried noodles and a canned drink. In Singapore, one usually gets a cup of ice along with the drink, and the first thing we do is to pour half the can into the ice before we begin with the noodles. That way, we give the drink a few minutes to be chilled.

Halfway through my noodles, a woman came by, pushing a cart on which was a large garbage bag. She looked at me, I looked back. She indicated with her hand that she wanted the soft drink can. Immediately, I put my own hand on it because it was still half full. I hadn’t even started drinking from the cup, let alone what’s in the can. No way was I going to part with it.

It wasn’t that she wanted a sip of it; she wanted the aluminium container, for it could be sold for a little bit of money. In her cart, she already had at least 30 or 40 of them.

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