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Singapore blocks access to Asia Sentinel following its failure to comply with the placement...

Singapore has blocked access to online news publication Asia Sentinel following its failure to comply with the country's fake news law's requirement regarding the placement of a correction notice. The controversy began over an Asia Sentinel article titled "Singapore Kills A Chicken To Scare The Monkeys," which criticized Singapore's handling of the COVID-19 crisis and drew comparisons between the article author’s experiences and those of human rights lawyer M Ravi and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s brother, Lee Hsien Yang. The Ministry of Home Affairs claimed the article contained false statements, issuing a correction direction. However, the publication did not place the correction notice at the required position on its website and the article page. The access-blocking order implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information could be revoked if Asia Sentinel adheres to the directive.

BCA blames broken parapet wall as cause of high-rise gondola incident last month

Two workers cleaning the exterior of an HDB block in Singapore narrowly escaped a dangerous situation when their gondola tilted due to the collapse of the top wall. Despite sustaining minor injuries, they were safely rescued through the windows of the 14th and 15th floors. Preliminary investigations confirmed the gondola's overhead support came loose when the wall was damaged. With three similar accidents reported in the past two years, the HDB emphasised adherence to Workplace Safety and Health regulations.

Hong Kong artists mark Tiananmen quietly or overseas

Artistic expressions commemorating the Tiananmen Square crackdown have dwindled in Hong Kong since the implementation of the national security law in 2020. Public events and performances that once marked the anniversary have been suppressed, and artists face uncertainty and repercussions. Some artists have relocated their works to Taiwan, where they continue to foster a connection to the memory of Tiananmen and advocate for freedom and democracy. However, concerns persist over erasure and censorship in both Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Dehumanising migrants ‘deeply troubling’: incoming IOM chief

Amy Pope, the incoming head of the International Organization for Migration, expressed concern over the demonization of vulnerable migrants for political gain. She aims to shift the narrative, emphasizing the humanity of migrants and promoting a positive view of migration. Pope also plans to address the impact of climate change on migration and assist in building resilience for those at risk of displacement.

Changi Airport Group reported earnings of S$33 million in FY2023, bounced from previous S$838...

Singapore's Changi Airport Group (CAG) sees a financial turnaround with net earnings of $33 million for fiscal year ending March 2023, up from last year's net loss of $838 million. This comes as passenger traffic increased to 62% of pre-pandemic levels. However, operating expenses rose by 42% due to increased business activities and higher energy costs. Despite potential challenges, CAG aims to reach pre-COVID traffic levels by 2024 while focusing on sustainable travel and innovation.

Vietnam detains climate activist on tax evasion accusation

Prominent climate activist Hoang Thi Minh Hong has been detained in Vietnam on charges of tax evasion, according to her husband. Hong, founder of the NGO CHANGE, focused on environmental issues such as climate change and wildlife trade. Her arrest adds to the government's crackdown on environmentalists, drawing concern from human rights organizations.

Spike in boats smuggling meth out of Myanmar: UN

Asian drug trafficking networks are using sea routes to smuggle methamphetamines from Myanmar, avoiding tighter land patrols. Ketamine production is also on the rise. The region's most powerful trafficking networks operate with certainty they won't be stopped. Authorities seized a record amount of ketamine in 2022. Organized crime groups are pushing meth and ketamine together to increase demand.

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