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Dr Chee Soon Juan’s lunch with Dr Tan Cheng Bock raise speculation over possible...

Speculation grows about a potential collaboration between Singapore's SDP and PSP, following a shared lunch photo of Dr Chee Soon Juan and Dr Tan Cheng Bock. The meeting comes after Dr Tan's recent declaration of readiness for the 2025 General Election. This development aligns with a broader trend towards coalition-building among Singapore's alternative political parties, as evidenced by the recent formation of the 'People's Alliance'.

Taiwanese chip giant TSMC says industry could have ‘stabilising’ effect

Taiwan's TSMC, the leading semiconductor manufacturer, assures its advanced chips will be produced in Taiwan, amid escalating geopolitical tensions between the US and China. CEO CC Wei confirmed that 3nm, 2nm, and even the forthcoming 1.4nm chips will be primarily manufactured on the island. The move underlines TSMC's role in stabilising global geopolitics, amidst concerns over supply disruptions in case of potential Chinese aggression towards Taiwan.

Singapore tuition centre owner accused of physical abuse following viral video

A viral video from Singapore reveals a woman, identified as the owner of ALT Learning of School Afterschool Care and Tuition, physically and verbally abusing a girl at the center. Despite public outcry, the owner claims the girl's parents approved of the discipline and that they maintain a good relationship.

Shocking case of child sexual abuse unveiled in Parigi Moutong, Central Sulawesi

A 15-year-old girl in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, fell victim to a series of sexual abuses by 11 men, including authority figures. The suspects enticed the victim with money, clothes, and phones. Incidents occurred from April 2022 to January 2023, and suspects were from varied backgrounds. The victim's health has critically deteriorated, with her psychological trauma further aggravated by her physical condition. Indonesian Police is continuing its investigations as calls for justice mount. The victim's father rejected offers for reconciliation and compensation from the perpetrators' families.

48 semi-detached houses at Eleven @ Holland with average price of S$3.74 million, sold...

Following the liquidation of Clydesbuilt (Holland Link), 48 semi-detached houses in Holland Link, Singapore were listed for sale and swiftly bought within three days. The units were priced below the average resale price for similar properties in District 10, drawing significant interest, with some buyers purchasing up to ten houses despite a 30% Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD). Clydesbuilt (Holland Link), along with property developer Victor Ow, were previously ordered by the High Court to pay S$87 million in profits from developing the project to Innovative Corp.

Minister Sun Xueling responds to rude email feedback, netizens urge “focus on groundwork”

A resident's frustrated email to People's Action Party MP Sun Xueling and others, complained about noisy heavy vehicles near Punggol Way and uneven cement floors at the void deck. The resident made racially biased remarks, criticized road design, and threatened electoral consequences unless actions were taken. Sun responded by rectifying the pavement issue, addressing parking concerns, and encouraged civil feedback. While some netizens criticized Sun's public reaction, others defended her, emphasizing focusing on issues and feedback rather than individuals involved.

From rumour to reality: The shocking cosure of Singapore Turf Club rattles horse racing...

Singapore Turf Club (STC) is set to close in March 2027, stunning the horse racing community. Endorsed by Singapore's Ministry of Finance and Ministry of National Development, this move follows a decline in spectatorship and the need for land repurposing. Preceded by rumours, the official announcement of the closure has left stakeholders, trainers, and fans reeling. Concerns are raised over recent investments in the industry, the relocation of horses, and a lack of prior dialogue with those involved.

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