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DBS FHR-18 Fixed Home Rate to be raised

DBS FHR-18 Package to rise - DBS BANK

It’s official, DBS FHR is up. DBS raised their Fixed Home Rate FHR-18 rom 0.6% to 0.8% on 1st Feb 2018. Fixed Home Rate is pegged to fixed deposit rates that DBS offers to their depositors. FHR-18 stands for Fixed Home Rate pegged to 18-month fixed deposit. Home owners who were on FHR-18 + Spread should have received letters by …

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Property Buying Guide – Top 4 mistakes to avoid

Property buying guide - Take a walk down Jalan Sultan Commercial Shophouses

Knowledge that can be gleaned from a property buying guide is often ignored by Singaporeans as they felt that buying property is easy as everyone around them owns a property. A strong cornerstone of what it means to be a Singaporean is to own a property (in property crazed Singapore) which we call our home. From generation to generation, we …

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Sibor Reform – Impact on Home Loans: Interview with 938 NOW

Sibor Chart

Association of Banks of Singapore (ABS) and Singapore Foreign Exchange  Market Committee (SFEMC) proposals to improve the robustness of the market benchmarks and is calling for industry consultations and suggestions for improving the Sibor calculation methodology and scrapping the Sibor (12 month) due to lack of sufficient trading volume. Part of the reason for this review is due historically to …

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Is it advisable to buy a shoebox unit to rent out?

Shoebox Condominium units

Singaporeans love the property market. Some Singaporeans love it so much, they think owning a house is a magical cure to every financial issue. How to store your wealth? Buy a house. How to get passive income? Buy a shoebox to Rent out. How to deal with your kid getting less than straight A’s, and not being a CEO who …

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Australian banks tighten lending – Non residents have to obtain loan in singapore

Sydney Opera House - australian property

by Paul Ho (iCompareLoan.com) Australians have it so much better than Singaporeans in Singapore when it comes to properties. Not only do they have nicer, bigger homes, they also have easier financing options such as Interest-only payment, etc. Australians are probably as crazy if not more crazy than Asians with properties. Some Australians will even go as far as poisoning trees that …

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