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North Korea’s military satellite launch: five things to know

North Korea's plan to launch a military reconnaissance satellite by 11 June has raised concerns from Seoul, Tokyo, and Washington over potential violations of UN sanctions. Although North Korea claims the satellite launch is separate from ballistic missile technology, experts argue that the two use similar rocket systems. Previous satellite launches by North Korea have been considered disguised tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles. The upcoming launch is seen as an attempt to assert North Korea's military capabilities and gather intelligence on South Korea's defense posture.

Broader national security law takes effect in Macau

Macau's new national security law, similar to legislation in China and Hong Kong, imposes stricter restrictions on political opposition and civil society. The amendments broaden the definition of offenses, expand surveillance and detention powers, and allow extraterritorial jurisdiction for the police. Critics fear these measures will curtail liberties and rights, and potentially lead to arbitrary law enforcement. The amendments received unanimous support from Macau's legislature and are separate from the national security clause added to the city's gambling law

Letters: A Watershed Moment for Singapore’s Trust in the PAP

by Lawrence Seow For the better part of May, the entire Singapore has been watching the fiasco of Ridout Road. Singaporeans love their country (not...

Humble Ministers’ Abode or Palatial Retreat? A Closer Look at the Ministers’ Black-and-White Houses

The grandeur of the estates occupied by Singapore's Cabinet Ministers K Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan, the Singapore Land Authority's role in its maintenance and upgrades, and extensive tree clearance starkly contrast with the humble image projected by SLA's latest TikTok videos and Facebook comments for these black-and-white houses. Far from being a humble abode, 26 Ridout Road, previously occupied by Biscuit Baron, Rajan Pillai and now Minister K Shanmugam was once characterized in a 1995 New Paper report as a veritable palace.

ABSD Exemption Clause in Singapore’s FTAs: A Challenge to Sovereignty

Straits Times' portrayal of US buyers being 'subject to the same ABSD rate as Singapore residents' has been challenged as misleading. Foong Swee Fong argue it obscures a unique clause in certain FTAs that exempts US citizens from the foreign ABSD, potentially inflating property prices and diminishing Singapore's sovereignty.

Resident captures energetic scene of singers in mini skirts performing to loud music at...

An energetic night performance at Yishun's Chang Cheng Mee Wah coffee shop has sparked debate online. With two female singers entertaining a lively, beer-drinking crowd, netizens questioned the event's compliance with entertainment licensing regulations and late-night public drinking laws.

China deploys police, makes arrests after mosque clashes in Yunnan

China deployed police and made arrests in Nagu, Yunnan province, after clashes erupted over the planned partial demolition of a mosque. The town's Hui Muslim residents resisted the demolitions, stating that the mosque is their home. China has been tightening control on religion, with mosques being demolished or altered to conform to Chinese aesthetics.

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