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Routine surveillance review unearths multi-year theft from long-time cashier in Singapore minimart

A routine surveillance review at Angel Supermart in Singapore unveiled a long-term theft operation by a long-serving employee. Over six years, she allegedly stole between S$100,000 to S$150,000. This revelation came about during an investigation into another part-time employee's theft of S$80, prompting an ongoing police investigation.

Associate Professor Daniel Goh announces expulsion from Workers’ Party

Associate Professor Daniel Goh, formerly of the Workers' Party, the largest opposition party in Singapore, announced his expulsion from the party via Facebook. The expulsion follows disputes over his posts on the party's handling of the Raeesah Khan saga. Goh defended his actions, emphasizing the importance of public accountability. The Workers' Party has yet to respond to his expulsion announcement.

RDU invites Singaporeans to join their 3rd Anniversary Fundraiser Gala Dinner on 24 June

Singapore's emerging political party, Red Dot United (RDU), celebrated its third anniversary on 26 May. Marking this milestone, RDU invites supporters and the public to a Fundraiser Gala Dinner on 24 June at Mouth Restaurant. Having made a positive impact since its inception, RDU contested the Jurong GRC in the 2020 General Election, securing over 31,000 votes. Today, the party, rooted in sustainable economics and building a fair society, has a strong team of 150 members and volunteers.

New political alliance announced in Singapore: Four opposition parties unite to form “People’s Alliance”

Four opposition parties in Singapore - Peoples Voice (PV), Reform Party (RP), People’s Power Party (PPP), and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) - have formed a new political alliance named "People's Alliance." This move comes in response to growing public demand for a united opposition against the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP). Set to contest the next General Election, the alliance plans to vie for seats previously contested in 2020, promising to address concerns about the cost of living, property prices, and job security.

14 arrested in Johor Bahru brawl: Altercation allegedly triggered by student’s eraser throw

Recently, footage of a brawl involving a group of individuals in Malaysia circulated on social media. A 28-second video went viral on Facebook and WhatsApp, showing a male using a helmet to hit another individual, while others kicked the victim's face. The victim curled on the ground while being kicked, and some shouted derogatory remarks like, "Stupid Chinese! You die! Dare to hit Malay!"

Taiwan, US to sign trade deal in Washington amidst growing pressure from China

The United States and Taiwan are set to sign a trade deal, sparking tensions with Beijing. The agreement aims to streamline customs, enhance regulatory procedures, and strengthen anticorruption measures. China strongly opposes any diplomatic relations involving Taiwan, which it considers its territory. Beijing's military drills and aggressive rhetoric towards Taiwan have escalated in recent years. Bipartisan support for Taiwan exists in the United States, with politicians from both parties publicly engaging with Taiwanese officials.

PAP Town Councils to implement phased hike in Service and Conservancy Charges due to...

Amid escalating costs, Singapore's People's Action Party (PAP) town councils will raise Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) in two phases over the next two years. The increase will affect HDB residents, commercial properties, and market and food stalls. The first increment takes effect on July 1, 2023, with the next on July 1, 2024. Marine Parade Town Council stated that government funding support has helped to moderate the hikes, which are necessary to maintain estate upkeep and long-term maintenance funds.

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