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Many of the world’s finest publications rely on reader contributions. Take The Guardian for instance, and — while not strictly a news website — Wikipedia, which provides a trove of information to many a Google searcher, also rely heavily on crowdfunding. For these sites to continue benefiting their users, it is not enough just to survive — they have to thrive.

Asia’s independent media sites are not just fighting to raise funds — they are also under the pressure of legislation that has been suggested was put in place just to limit the work of such sites.

If citizens in Asia value the work of independent news sites, they need to be prepared to support these sites, which are sometimes teetering from month to month financially.

Even by giving up a cup of Starbucks coffee once a week and donating the amount to independent news sites, a reader will make a huge difference. Every little bit helps and every one person counts.

Help us work for you by providing you with reliable and well-sourced information. As they say, “knowledge is power”. Help us to empower you.

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