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Letter: Ministry of Health should do more to prevent Down Syndrome abortions

Dr Alexis Heng Boon Chin suggests that the Singapore Ministry of Health should seriously consider incorporating and subsidizing such novel AI-based screening technologies within the IVF clinics of public hospitals, to reduce the incidence of Down Syndrome pregnancies in older mothers

Letter to Lianhe Zaobao by WP Chief: Focus on social integration and avoid alarmist...

Workers' Party Secretary-General Pritam Singh responds to criticism by clarifying that his proposal for English language tests for new permanent residents and citizens aims to strengthen social integration and cohesion in Singapore, rather than measuring loyalty. The tests would be an additional criterion, not the sole requirement, for immigration applications.

HDB Dichotomy: Depreciating Lease & Structure but Appreciating Land Value

Below is an open letter written by Jeff Ho to the Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of National Development, Sim Ann and...

FTX’s Singapore-registered subsidiary was not on IAL and was not required to ringfence its...

by Simon I would like to point out a clear issue in the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s recent statement on FTX and Its Investor Alert List (IAL). As MAS...

Open letter asking if Temasek’s FTX investment in July last year was made under...

Open letter from Jeff Ho who sent the below text to Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong via email I note in today’s...


Is another government collapse imminent in Malaysia? Political analysts share their thoughts

Political analysts weigh in on the possibility of another government collapse in Malaysia, as PAS President defends PN's plan to overthrow the Unity Government, sparking controversy. Six-state elections are due later this year.

Democratization in Southeast Asia: Insights from Democracy Report 2023

Democracy Report 2023 by V-Dem Institute shows hope in reversing democratic backsliding in small countries, including those in Southeast Asia, but notes nine countries in the region have declined substantially.

Going behind the quirky must-do of the oath of secrecy in Singaporean elections

Singapore's Oath of Secrecy for elections requires all authorized personnel to swear they will not do anything forbidden by Section 56 of the Parliamentary Elections Act. This includes reading out the 500-word Section to the declarant, which is deemed an onerous and anachronistic requirement. Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss proposed revising the oath statement on Forms 18 and P13 to state that the declarant has read and understood the relevant section instead. The Elections Department (ELD) has replied to her feedback and will consider her suggestion in the next review of the forms.