Crazy rich politicians in Singapore — Is the PAP being jinxed by “the big karma”?

Crazy rich politicians in Singapore — Is the PAP being jinxed by “the big karma”?

by Joseph Nathan

Is the current 4G PAP-led government being jinxed by some very bad karma?

You see, the People’s Action Party (PAP) has obviously been trying very hard to exploit this year’s National Day Celebration as it does not want to be reminded or embarrassed by the endless socio-economic malice that have been plaguing Singapore these past years.

From the rapid decline in Fair Employment Opportunities for core Singaporeans, to the failure in managing the affordability of our public housing policy; from the high cost of living, aggravated not just by rising inflation but also by poorly-timed increases in taxes, COEs, and basic charges for essential services; to the inability to safeguard our once successful socio-economic story and an increasing list of unfulfilled promises, such as the failure to deliver a Swiss standard of living by 1999 or to qualify Singapore for the 2010 FIFA World Cup — there is no question that Singapore’s future is being gravely compromised by the incompetency of the 4G PAP politicians.

Instead of addressing the socio-economic malices that they had created, it is looking like they are more interested in politically propagating “Shine Your Light” to be the theme song for this year’s NDP Celebration, to “paint” the impression that all is well in Singapore with our “impressionable” youths.

That is, until karma came along to rattle their political craftiness.

FAS’s Colossal Failure At The Recent SEA Game:

Let us start with just how embarrassing it was when our national football team got thrashed 7-0 by Malaysia in this year’s SEA Game.

After putting the blame on the players, where then is Edwin Tong and his audacity to “rehash” the PAP’s earlier broken promise by again promising that he can bring Singapore to the finals of the FIFA World Cup by 2034 when we cannot even win a single game at the recent SEA Game?

With just 11 years to restore our current National Football Team to a World Cup standard is pure delusion on the part of Edwin and it shows that they have yet to figure out why our football standard was so good in the 60s and the 70s.

Can Singapore afford to continue to allow Edwin and his mediocre team of political minions at the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) a “Blank Cheque” to throw good money down the drain, again and again?

Are they trying to take Singaporeans for a fool, or are they just “acronymically” jinxed to consistently “Fail At Soccer”?

Dramatic Sequel To The Oxley-Gate Scandal:

Just when the Oxley-Gate Scandal was about to simmer down, a dramatic new sequel came into play when Lee Hsien Yang and his family left Singapore, claiming that “his family is being persecuted” and lamented that “he has been made a fugitive by his own country”.

What was earth-shattering was when he shared that “Wei Ling and I originally believed, in 2017, that Singapore had checks and balances and rule of law. While they thought that there were still men and women of integrity in the PAP, they rapidly learned otherwise.”

With further allegations that his prosecution was “politically-motivated” and that his brother, PM Le Hsien Loong, has “misused state resources to pursue his private agenda”, it is natural for Singaporeans to react strongly against Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and the PAP for being so vindictive against Hsien Yang and his family.

This was followed by calls for PM Lee to step down as Singaporeans are getting tired and embarrassed by the open squabbles between the children of Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) as the Chinese believe that LKY’s legacy is being ruined prematurely by the growing unpopularity of PM Lee and his wife, Ho Ching, who heads Temasek.

With Lee Wei Ling’s health deteriorating and without assurance that her younger brother and his family will be safe, are the children of LKY paying the high price for some unresolved karma?

Keppel’s Corruption Scandal:

Then came the high-profile corruption scandal at Keppel Offshore & Marine that resulted in our Government Linked Company (GLC) US$422 million in a “leniency” settlement to the US Department of Justice and the Brazilian authorities.

That was when Indranee Rajah, a minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, tried to brush Singaporeans off for “making speculative assertions” against Keppel, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) and the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) based on “inadequate understanding of the facts”, only to admit later in parliament that her short answer is – she herself does not know if the six executives had authorized the bribery payment or had knowledge of them.

By citing that there is no basis to prosecute those involved in the corruption, nor do they see any need to convene any investigation to find out as to how those executives could so easily siphoned out US$72.8 million out of Keppel, a listed conglomerate, and use them for the alleged bribery, it was looking like someone desperately wanted the case to close and be forgotten.

Is that why nobody even bothers to ask if any of those executives could have “conveniently” pocketed some loose change along the way?

Or was Lee Boon Yang, the Chairman of Keppel Corporation, sleeping all these while or did he actually seek approval from his boss?

As Lee Boon Yang was a former Cabinet Minister, and as Chairman of a major GLC, he is obliged to at least keep the leadership at Temasek posted, or report directly to the PMO if his “political rank” is deemed higher than that of the CEO of Temasek.

Well, someone from the establishment did come up with a brilliant plan – to arrange for Semcorp Marine, a small fish, to speedily swallow up Keppel Offshore & Marine (KOM) so that this scandal can be eased from the memory of Singaporeans.

Guess what – Seatrium, the firm that was formed after the merger of Semcorp Marine and KOM is back in the news for alleged corruption in Brazil, yet again.

So is Temasek really that jinxed or has karma simply returned to taunt Indranee for her previous haughtiness in parliament?

Is karma really a bitch?

Crazy Rich Politicians – The Great RIDOUT’s Hypocrisy:

Just when you think that things cannot get worse, out pop the Great RIDOUT Hypocrisy that got Singaporeans exceedingly worked up.

You see, the PAP has been constantly telling Singaporeans that Singapore is land-scare, and as such, a good government must always exact the true market price for all its land assets without exception and that Singaporeans must accept that our public flats will get smaller over time.

That was how the PAP has managed to price the new BTO flat at more than half a million dollar and continue to shrink the size of our public housing to look like a shoe-box while Singaporeans obediently accept these absurdities as if it is the Whole Truth.

So can you imagine when K. Shanmugam, the Law & Home Affairs minister and Vivian Balakrishnan, the Foreign Affairs Minister, were found to be renting spawning Good Class Bungalows at an undisclosed rental rate, like some “Crazy Rich Politicians”?

Were these two ministers simply jinxed to be caught with their pants down?

Truth be told, these are the consequences of money-politics that is being perpetuated by the PAP in paying themselves millions while the average Singaporeans struggle with putting food on their table.

To make matter worse, many Singaporeans were furious that both Shanmugam and Vivian show no sense of remorse or shame and came across as some “self-entitled” spoilt brats when they publicly shared that they had asked PM Lee to conduct an independent review regarding this matter, as if he is not aware of where they are residing or that he has nothing better to do but to obediently listen to this ministers.

Based on “comparative market rates” of between S$4.67 to S$8.24 per sq/ft, the 306,930 ft/sq property at 26 Ridout Road would have yield a monthly rent of between S$1,433,363 to S$2,529,103 while the 136,101 ft/sq property at 31 Ridout Road would have yield a monthly rent of between S$635,591 to S$1,121,472.

If the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has indeed been diligent with the management of our state assets, protect our National Reserve, and if these two ministers are indeed paying the Real Market Rates for these properties, then the PAP-led government ought to boldly and swiftly convene a “Real” Public Inquiry by inviting the Leader of the Opposition to sit on the investigating panel so that PM Lee can then use the final findings to silence all his political critics, no?

Better still, why not ask Dr Tan Cheng Bock, a former PAP loyalist, to chair this inquiry since it is clear that he remains popular with Singaporeans and can still win the next Presidential Election if granted the right to contest in the upcoming Presidential Election?

Or why not ask SLA to furnish a list of its 50 or 100 of its largest properties and indicate who are renting these properties and at what rate they are being rented out so that PM Lee can further assured concerned Singaporeans that his government has been diligently exacting Real Market Rate for all our land assets, without prejudice and without exception, and be seen to be doing what is right by the people.

Otherwise, one has to ask if PM Lee has lost control over his ministers or are there some merits in those allegations against his ministers.

Out of curiosity, is there any reason for PM Lee or his PAP politicians to fear an 83 years old Cheng Bock, and if so, what exactly are they afraid this old man who was once a cadre of theirs?

Are The PAP Politicians Jumping Ship?

Then came Halimah Yacob sharing publicly that she has no intention to run for next Presidential Election “PE” just when PM Lee was directing the Election Department to revise the registers of electors and to complete the revision by end of July 2023.

Is there something that she, Vivian and Shanmugam know that the rest of us are unaware of or are they all simply trying to get out of a sinking ship?

Chances are, she is likely to obediently listen to her boss and stay on as the PAP clearly prefers a “no-contest” since he is aware that Cheng Bock is still popular and is actively campaigning for a more progressive Singapore, and that is why Shanmugam remains indispensable to PM Lee as PE 2023 approaches.

As such, is it even realistic to be expecting PM Lee to fire Shanmugam and Vivian outright for their RIDOUT Fiascos?

More Bad News For PM Lee:

With the Shangri-La Dialogue currently taking place in Singapore until Sunday, was it just “bad timing” for PM Lee to be tested Covid-positive yet again?

You see, PM Lee would have loved to meet with visiting world leaders and their defence chiefs by taking centre stage and glowing in the limelight of this event.

But as luck would have it, he has to step aside to allow his supposed successor, DPM Lawrence Wong, to shine.

Guess some “potential candidates” who are still hoping to replace PM Lee as the next Prime Minister must be jumping mad as karma make a mockery of them yet again, no?

Looking Forward:

With a large segment of Singaporeans still struggling with the high cost of living and runaway inflation, unemployment & under-employment that are forcing our children to struggle with the high cost of owning public housing, its mortgage interest charges, and a torn socio-economic fabric that can no longer shield us from economic storms, Singaporeans can expect more scandals & fiascos oozing out from the “out of control” PAP-led government.

That is why Singaporeans must stay patriotic and continue to “Shine Our Light” to expose more hypocrisy and help restore our country from the arrogance and dictates of mediocre politicians who think too highly of themselves and their cronies.

So if the Big Karma is true and some PAP politicians are indeed planning to jump ship, then it is imperative for us to take this Big Karma more seriously and find ways to keep ourselves safe from its destructive forces.

In the interim, we must be grateful to those who are actively praying and offering penances for a better Singapore, and also for those who are helping to shape the consciousness of our voters so that they will take their votes more seriously.

Yes, we all need to pray more fervently and also do what is right if we still believe that Singapore deserves better…

This post was first published on Joseph Nathan’s Facebook page and reproduced with permissino

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