Red Dot United (RDU) during its walkabout at Jurong Central.

During a walkabout in Jurong Central last night, a team from Red Dot United (RDU) interacted with local residents, learning of their hopes for a better and more equitable Singapore.

According to RDU’s posting on its Facebook page, many residents expressed their desire for robust policy debates in Parliament before implementation, fearing current policies disproportionately favor elites and well-connected individuals.

One resident emphasized to RDU the necessity of breaking the supermajority of the People’s Action Party (PAP) for richer parliamentary debates.

“We know that only our votes can bring about change, and we are ready to make that change,” he stated.

However, residents also shared personal experiences of financial struggles. An elderly couple, both 67, revealed they were still servicing the mortgage on their 3-room HDB flat purchased in 1999.

Unemployed and unsupported by their married children, they find it difficult to meet their monthly housing loan payments.

They expressed reluctance to follow their MP’s advice to rent out a room for additional income, instead preferring to downsize to a smaller flat.

“But even two-room flats are so expensive nowadays. How can we afford it?” the woman asked.

The RDU team assured the couple and other residents that they would do everything possible to assist them

It said, “One thing became clear during our walkabout yesterday: the people are burdened and in need of better relief. We must strive to build a compassionate society.”

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