Video of raging Indonesian police officer vandalizing own car goes viral on social media

Video of raging Indonesian police officer vandalizing own car goes viral on social media

KENDAL, INDONESIA — A video of a police officer damaging his own car in a fit of rage has gone viral on social media. The officer has been identified as Briptu Agung Setiyo Wibowo, a member of the Directorate of Drug Detection (Ditresnarkoba) of the Central Java Regional Police.

The incident occurred on Wednesday morning (15 Feb) at Jalan Limbangan, Kendal Regency, Central Java. According to witnesses, Agung’s car had fallen into a ditch due to his high-speed driving on an uphill road. Residents helped him lift the car, but Agung proceeded to take a long-barreled air rifle for unknown reasons.

In the video footage, Agung climbed onto his car and began damaging its windows before attempting to set it on fire with gasoline. However, residents were able to prevent him from doing so. Witnesses also reported that Agung tried to hit a passing motorist with his car in a fit of rage.

The angry residents eventually stopped Agung’s car and demanded accountability from him. The detained police officer claimed to belong to the Central Java Regional Police.

Kombes Iqbal Alqudusy, Head of Central Java Police Public Relations, confirmed that the man in the video was indeed a member of the Central Java Regional Police. Alqudusy emphasized that the case had been handled by the Central Java Police Professional and Security Division (Propam).

Propam reported that Agung had tested positive for amphetamines, an addictive substance found in methamphetamine, in the results of his urine test. Additionally, an internal examination revealed that Agung had been absent from the office for almost a week and was facing problems in his household. As a result, a psychiatric test will be carried out.

The video has since sparked outrage among social media users, with many calling for proper action to be taken against the police officer. The incident also raises concerns about drug use among law enforcement officials and their ability to maintain public safety.

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