There is a real buzz around town as local ice-creamery Apiary has collaborated with local bee organisation Nutrinest to come up with a special frozen treat.

In celebration of Earth Day on 22 April, Apiary has launched a special edition milk ice cream drizzled with honey made by local bees from Nutrinest.

The #ForTheBees honey milk ice cream is available in two honey-drizzle flavours, sourced from two different bee species: ‘Tea Tree honey’ by Apis Cerana bees and ‘Trigona Berry honey’ by Trigona bees.

The former one is said to bee sweeter, while the latter is said to bee more sour.


The best part is… you can have a taste of the honey milk ice cream without leaving a sting to your wallet!

One scoop of milk ice cream with your choice of organic honey as topping will cost you S$5.

You can even purchase a bundle set that comes with one pint of milk ice cream (just nice for about five scoops) and a jar of organic honey (either ‘Tea Tree’ or ‘Trigona Berry’) for only S$30!

The honey is produced by bees that Nutrinest has helped to rehome and save from extermination.

Bee-lieve it or not, the honey is naturally flavoured and contains no artificial flavourings or additives.

Source: Apiary & Nutrinest

The #ForTheBees honey milk ice cream is available at both Apiary outlets from Wednesday (21 Apr) to Friday (23 Apr). Try it bee-fore the promotion ends!

What’s more, all proceeds from the sales of the ice cream will go directly to Nutrinest’s bee conservation efforts.

So here’s your chance to bee a hero to all the bees out there. After all, not all heroes wear capes; some just eat ice cream.

Source: Apiary & Nutrinest

Apiary Outlet @ Neil Road

Address: 84 Neil Road, Singapore 088844

Contact: +65 6493 7273

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday: 12:00pm – 10:00pm ; Friday, Saturday: 12:00pm – 11:00pm

Apiary Outlet @ Jubilee Square

Address: 61 Ang Mo Kio Ave #01-02, Singapore 569814

Contact: +65 6980 6296

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday: 12:00pm – 10:00pm ; Friday, Saturday: 12:00pm – 11:00pm

Source: Apiary & Nutrinest

Bees are friends, not pests

In Singapore – and in most parts of the world – it is without a shadow of doubt that many people associate bees with pests.

Apiary hopes to challenge this perception, and create a buzz about the need to protect and preserve bees as they are important pollinators.

“We named our store Apiary because we want it to be a sweet spot, much like a home to bees. That’s why we thought to raise awareness for our little friends through our ice cream,” said Travis Goh, co-owner of the homegrown dessert café.

Find out more about Apiary and their ice cream here.


Got a beehive at your doorstep, who you gonna call?

Besides providing bee removal services in a proper and humane way – so as to prevent unnecessary devastation to the bees’ home – Nutrinest also conducts workshops to educate and promote the conservation of local honeybees.

Xavier Tan, the founder of Nutrinest, hopes that this collaboration with Apiary will shed light on the importance of bees to the ecosystem.

Find out more about Nutrinest and their bee conservation efforts and services here.

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