Below is the New Year message by Workers’ Party Secretary General, Pritam Singh delivered on 1 January 2021.

Singaporeans will remember 2020 as the year our lives came to a standstill. The
Covid-19 global pandemic disrupted livelihoods and cast a shadow of fear and
uncertainty over society.

Many of us are looking towards a fresh start on 1 January 2021. The circulation of
Covid-19 vaccines is an encouraging development and a remarkable achievement for the world. It is also a keen reminder that Singapore must remain a responsible
contributor to the global order, so as to benefit from it.

Workers’ Party MPs, members and volunteers have been consistently engaging and
serving Singaporeans throughout 2020. We have met with several of you in outreach and dialogue. We celebrated with many of you through the festivities. We have also shared in your pain, and provided intervention and support to the less fortunate in our utmost capacity.

2021 will not be a bed of roses. Several economic sectors have not recovered.
Singaporeans have suffered job losses and pay cuts. Many have felt the void of social support and cherished connections due to restrictions on gatherings.

The Workers’ Party remains committed to serving Singaporeans in 2021. We pledge

  1. Champion robust policy alternatives that represent the needs of
    Singaporeans, as we have done this year with suggestions on minimum wage,
    widening access to justice, and optimising our reserves to nurture our
    Singaporean workforce;
  2. Supporting Singaporeans on the ground with appeals, advice and aid, to the
    fullest extent possible; and
  3. Continue on our mission to build a moderate and fair Party that seeks to
    provide a trusted alternative to voters, and act as a balancing force to our
    political system.

We also appreciate the support shown to the Workers’ Party this GE2020, and
alongside it, the weight of responsibility and hard work needed to earn your trust as we strive towards balanced and plural politics for Singapore.

As we move into 2021, I want to salute the resilience and social unity shown by
Singaporeans over the past year. We have weathered this storm, and I am proud to
be a member of a united people that will continue to stand firm in the face of the
storms that lie ahead of us.

To each and every Singaporean, I wish you a year filled with success, good health and peace.

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