Arts community issues open call for candidates to serve as next Arts Nominated Member of Parliament

Arts community issues open call for candidates to serve as next Arts Nominated Member of Parliament

The arts community, which encompasses the visual and performing arts sectors as well as film and media industries, is issuing an open call for suitable candidates to serve as the next Arts Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP).

The Arts NMP will represent the interests of the arts community in Parliament, and help ensure that arts remain an integral part of the national conversation. This is especially crucial at present, as our community is facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since 2009, the arts community has undertaken its own open nomination processes to put forth NMP candidates of their choice. The term of the last batch of NMPs in Parliament ended on 23 June 2020 – when Parliament was dissolved prior to GE2020.

As part of the search for the next Arts NMP, a town hall meeting will be held this Wednesday (18 Nov) at 8pm via Zoom, during which potential candidates are invited to share their statements of interest and engage arts practitioners in dialogue.

Former Arts NMPs will also be in attendance to share their experiences as a frame of reference, and to provide greater insight into the role.

The Town Hall is open to members of the arts community as well as the general public. Those who wish to participate may register their attendance here.

Immediately after the town hall meeting, an online campaign will be launched to collect signatures in support of candidates who have stepped up to be considered for the position for Arts NMP.

This visible demonstration of engagement and approval will lend legitimacy to the candidates’ bid to represent the arts community, as well as affirm the community’s keen interest in having a strong and vibrant voice for the arts in Parliament.

The signatory campaign will end at 11:59pm this Friday (20 Nov).

The Secretariat will provide administrative support to candidates who opt to participate in the Town Hall process. Candidates’ submissions will be handed together with signatures collected from the aforementioned campaign to Goh Swee Chen, Chairman of the National Arts Council.

However, it is noteworthy that the Arts NMP may not be chosen from the nominated candidates proposed by the arts community. The most recent Arts NMP, Terence Ho, did not go through this nomination process, and was handpicked by the Special Select Committee for NMPs for the post.

For more information and the latest updates on the nomination process, head over the designated Facebook page.

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