Being an elected member of Government is a stressful job with high expectations. This is so for all government officials the world over. Singapore is no exception although in Singapore, we do have a perk that other countries may not have – extremely high ministerial salaries! Added to that is the ability of our elected members of parliament (MPs) to draw an MP salary while holding down another job. With all these perks, surely our government officials should take the good along with the bad?

In other words, when times are good, you rake in the benefits and when things are bad, you buck up or go! What you do not do is cry in Parliament when you can’t answer questions properly. After all, no where else in the world will pay you millions to do a botch job right?

Before the general election in 2020, Singapore saw a huge spike of coronavirus cases among our migrant worker community. In large part, this has been attributed to the tightly packed conditions in which our migrant workers live. The widespread virus among the migrant worker community put Minister for Manpower, Josephine Teo under great pressure as she scrambled around in an attempt to resolve things, refusing to apologise even as things got seemingly out of hand.

Shockingly though, not only did she get re elected, she even got to retain her portfolio as Minister of Manpower! Unsurprisingly, the pressure continues to mount and yesterday, it appeared to be just too much for the Minister. 

To be fair, crying out of compassion is not a weakness. But are Teo’s tears, tears out of compassion or pressure that the public just would not give her a break?

Given her earlier refusal to apologise, it seems likely that her tears are out of pressure and nothing else.  In other words, tears from the pressure of public scrutiny! But why should the public give her a break?

She is paid millions to do a good job. She knew it was a public job before she took it. Now, the public want to hold her accountable and she cries? Sorry madam, that is just not good enough.

As Singapore People’s Party (SPP) member Khan Osman Sulaiman says: “that there is no need for anyone to cry and be emotional but just focus on doing the right thing.”

You took the job with open eyes and you have benefited from the high salary. Crack on and do your job or please just resign.

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