Parvitar Singh was allegedly told by an agent if he could remove his turban before meeting the organisers for his business needs. 

On Monday (20 Jul), the photographer took to Facebook to share his experience on a phone call that morning. 

Mr Singh has applied to an agency for his business needs. 

He said he was explicitly asked by the agent if he wears a “cloth thingy” and if it was mandatory to wear it at all times. 

After Mr Singh said it was not removable, the agent explained the reason behind her questions: “The thing is I’m not sure if the organisers will be comfortable with it.”

He then went on to tell her that the Singapore constitution allows citizens to wear a turban while they work and live. Mr Singh added that he will be lodging a police report and reviewing his options to ensure that “no other individual becomes a victim of such discrimination”.

Many commenters expressed shock at the exchange and commended him for choosing to file a police report.


In a follow-up post at 2pm, Mr Singh said that he has sought legal advice to explore his options moving forward. 

He has also asked for the agency’s directors to apologise to him by today and inform him of the next course of action they would take against the agent.

TOC has reached out to Mr Singh for comments.

Update: In reply to TOC, Mr Singh said the issue is being looked into by the company. 

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