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by Rudy Irawan Kadjairi
You don’t need to look hard for them.
They are the construction workers, who toil under our relentless sun, that we may have roads, buildings and homes. It takes so little to show them your appreciation.
They are the nurses, who are perpetually overworked at the wards, yet take care and concern so that we may get better.
They are the brave young men of the SCDF, who are called to face life-threatening situations themselves just to save us from danger.
They are the single moms and dads, who struggle to nurture invaluable citizens of the future, despite the hurdles, obstacles and challenges they face daily.
We have so many heroes in this country.
We just refuse to see them.
If we were to be a better nation, we need to redefine who we see as heroes amongst us.
And I think that’s probably the point that Lee Kuan Yew was trying to make as he refused to be made into some kind of cult figure.
Singapore is all of us.
We are what makes this country what it is. We cannot deny it, nor can we refuse it.
But we are not one person. We are not of one privileged group. We are not so entitled that everyone else must bow to a few.
But we are all heroes.
This was first published on Rudy Irawan Kadjairi’s Facebook page and reproduced with permission.

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