Train service delay along the North East Line on Friday morning

Train service delay along the North East Line on Friday morning

Passengers traveling on the North East Line (NEL) trains on Friday (19 July) morning, experienced delays in their commute.
SBS Transit (SBST), the transport operator of the NEL train service, informed in a tweet that it was caused by a track fault at the Harbour Front Station.
Commuters posted their information and comments on TATA SMRT Facebook about the delay:

Anthony Low wrote at 7:38am: “Northeast line experience slowness in both direction. 737am.”

Ying Leong commented at 7:44am: “Train stop at Punggol for more than 5 mins.”

Jacquelyn R Lim informed at 7:44am: “Am in a train at Sengkang mrt. Train doors did not close for 5mins++. Ok now trains just started moving. Towards town. (7.44am)”

John Glorious Wang wrote at 7:48am: “Now stuck at buangkok.”

Jacquelyn R Lim informed at 7:49am: “Ok my train fr Sengkang has moved. Next stop Kovan. Every stop will wait for 5mins+. A friend is ahead of me at Hougang. Same situation. So (I think) trains are moving but just add on 5mins every stop. Report lateness to bosses pls!” ?

Mary Lee added at 8:07am: “Train stopped for about 5 mins at sengkang (as of 8am).”

Stephen Chang informed at 8:15am: “Train running at 2mins interval now. Moderate Q at SKG, BKK. HOU Q until opposite platform. Short Q at KOV. No 5 mins stop for me to Serangoon.”

Alan Charles Yap, the Admin of TATA SMRT, shared a tweet from SBS Transit at 8:16am: “NEL SERVICE DELAY 19/07, 8.10am: NEL Svc is delayed due to a track fault at Harbourfront Stn. Additional travel time of abt 5mins is expected for both directions. We are sorry.”

SBS Transit informed the delay on Twitter at 8:11am, citing a track fault at Harbour Front Station as the reason and asking for 5 minutes additional travel time:

SBST repeated the tweets at 8:20am and 8:32am, asking for 10 minutes and then 15 minutes additional travel times:

The efforts to take care of the fault was not finished at 9:02am, but additional travel time asked was decreased:

Commuters also took to Twitter platform to inform and complain:

‘shimmer_lightdusk’ shared a photo and complained about fare, though she thought SMRT is the operator of the NEL train service:

Finally, at 9:25am SBST informed the fault has been rectified, the NEL train service has resumed:

And the passengers tweets stopped after this one:

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