Sembawang Station at 8:05am / Photo: Heng Wey Chuan’s post on TATA SMRT Facebook

Commuters taking train along the North South Line (NSL) on Tuesday (22 Jan) morning had to endure delays caused by a train fault at Marsiling.

Reports from passengers posted on TATA SMRT Facebook started since nearly 8am:

Edy Cheong wrote at 7:51am: “Train fault at Marsiling.”

JX Li wrote at 7:56am: “Something not very correct… Yewtee heading towards woodland.” He shared a photo:

ทะนาซีการ์ รามาซามี่ responded at 8:00am: “Stuck inside that very train..” ?

JX Li added at 8:12am: “Estimate delay 30min. Announcement thru PA system.”

At 8:06am SMRT posted an official announcement on Twitter platform, asking for 30 minutes to be added for travelling time from Woodlands to Yew Tee towards Jurong East:

Hadi Abdul who was heading towards the Marina Bay, responded to SMRT’s tweet  by saying that it was not completely correct as both sides were affected:

Vivek Nishad ‏tweeted a video that he has been stuck for 15 minutes:

Hadi Abdul tweeted again at 8:14am, showing a photo of a train on the platform towards Marina Bay, which has been stuck for 10 minutes:

Other passengers also said the announcement from SMRT should be updated correctly:

At 8:35am Hadi Abdul tweeted again to SMRT:

And Allie complained and shared photos of the situation that she was caught in:

At 8:34am SMRT, without acknowledging the passengers posts, asked for 15 minutes additional travel time from Woodlands to Yew Tee towards Jurong East:

And again at 7:52am, now asking for another 10 minutes additional travel time:

Nearly 9am, commuters again reminded SMRT that the delay affected both directions:

At 9:03am and 9:08am SMRT said that the fault was cleared:

But posts from commuters on Twitter showed that the trouble was not yet finished at nearly 10am:



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