Train disruption along NSL due to train fault at Marsiling on Tuesday morning

Commuters taking train along the North South Line (NSL) on Tuesday (22 Jan) morning had to endure delays caused by a train fault at Marsiling.

Reports from passengers posted on TATA SMRT Facebook started since nearly 8am:

Edy Cheong wrote at 7:51am: “Train fault at Marsiling.”

JX Li wrote at 7:56am: “Something not very correct… Yewtee heading towards woodland.” He shared a photo:

ทะนาซีการ์ รามาซามี่ responded at 8:00am: “Stuck inside that very train..” ?

JX Li added at 8:12am: “Estimate delay 30min. Announcement thru PA system.”

At 8:06am SMRT posted an official announcement on Twitter platform, asking for 30 minutes to be added for travelling time from Woodlands to Yew Tee towards Jurong East:

Hadi Abdul who was heading towards the Marina Bay, responded to SMRT’s tweet  by saying that it was not completely correct as both sides were affected:

Vivek Nishad ‏tweeted a video that he has been stuck for 15 minutes:

Hadi Abdul tweeted again at 8:14am, showing a photo of a train on the platform towards Marina Bay, which has been stuck for 10 minutes:

Other passengers also said the announcement from SMRT should be updated correctly:

At 8:35am Hadi Abdul tweeted again to SMRT:

And Allie complained and shared photos of the situation that she was caught in:

At 8:34am SMRT, without acknowledging the passengers posts, asked for 15 minutes additional travel time from Woodlands to Yew Tee towards Jurong East:

And again at 7:52am, now asking for another 10 minutes additional travel time:

Nearly 9am, commuters again reminded SMRT that the delay affected both directions:

At 9:03am and 9:08am SMRT said that the fault was cleared:

But posts from commuters on Twitter showed that the trouble was not yet finished at nearly 10am:



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